Diablo® III

Running lvl 25+ power level in 3 & a half hrs

As the name states, helping a friend get to 60, currently taking a break until 8pm aest.
If you want to join add me currently 2 free spaces.
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Funny, I'm gonna be doing the same for my bro after dinner tonight but he's at lvl15.
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if u want we could run it together, always looking for new people to run with
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what a friend and I do is invite the newby to ACT 3 normal run the cellars until 30 kill diablo do the same for nightmare until 50 kill diablo then the same again for hell until 60 best idea have plenty of XP gear Cains outfit leorics ring and hellfire ring and gem in helmet but I guess you guys already know this all done on MP 10
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Yeah, cains set, leoric's signet, ruby in helm and hellfire definitely adds a big boost on top of MP10.

Failing that, we aim to drop any +xp rares for who ever we're powerleveling.

Videl and I joined our two powerleveling runs the other night (Videl's permaStrafe DH did most of the work... my WD is damn slow) and it went pretty well.

We run the same route more of less with the addition of the bridge before restarting.

I'm currently making a melee DH so would love a power level myself. Just need to get a leorics.
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OK, prob won't pick up Leorics... it's 45mil for the cheapest one and I don't need to be blowing that much gold on an alt.Hellfire, cains set, rub in helm and a bucket load of +xp items will do the job.
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I could use a power level for my barb (and wiz once I get him to lvl25). But I won't be on again until tomorrow. I'm also willing to power level using my WD if anyone needs it
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Add me mate.

I'll be leveling my bro at some point (his Monk is lvl9 atm). If it all lines up, I'll level both of you at the same time. Will be faster with the xp bonus of more players anyway.
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Sweet, thanks. I will when I get on next.
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