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I'm telling on you:Abuse of the report system

PK should be brought back in D3, this is because it will give players a way to police themselves without going through blizzard. Without a way to police ourselves, all minor squabbles will be submitted to the report system. This unnecessary traffic will slow down the report system for situations that actually need blizzard intervention, like hacks and scams. further more, people that get upset due to losing a PvP match or being owed money will make-up offenses, like RL threats and being the victim of hate speech, just to get back at other players since they can not just pk the offenders themselves.

All too often you see "reported" being typed into the general chat or trade channel. The subject that caused the report is usually innocuous, most likely a dispute over what an item is worth or what a player could actually accomplish in PvP. People with short tempers turn this harmless circumstances into debates, which in itself is still harmless; however, the trouble happens when the other side of the debate does not know how to argue properly and takes offense to the situation. They then feel compelled to tattle, which is necessary if it was possible for people to fight their own battles in game. A mutually agreed upon duel is a nice start, but usually the person running their mouth does not have the power to back it up and will not agree to fight back. This is why you should be able to force a fight to happen, it gives consequences to those we misbehave even if they cowardly evade whats coming to them. If trolls get beat-up enough in game, they might start treating people properly, especially when they lose gold because of it.

If PK was allowed, the potential tattler or delinquent debt holder would simply get what he/she deserves: An a$$ kicking and a loss of money instead of a lengthy, reported grievance. Not only would this policy reduce the burden of the report system, it would deter people from scamming and running their mouths.
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Does Blizzard really follow all those reports?
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09/29/2013 07:17 AMPosted by Weasel765
Without a way to police ourselves, all minor squabbles will be submitted to the report system

I like that
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09/29/2013 01:57 PMPosted by DerfelCadarn
Does Blizzard really follow all those reports?

Yes, they look at the chat log before they ban you. So every time someone gets angry about a trade gone wrong, then claims that someone is a scammer, Blizzard has to examine the chat log.
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Pk won't work because there is no skill specialization. In D2, when a sorce joined a duel game, you were in deep trouble if you didn't know what type she was, because if she was cold and you were putting on fire sorb, you died in 1 hit. Same goes for all other chars.

In diablo 3 however, if you have decent gear, you can comfortably sit on a WD knowing that whatever a wizz can trow at you will make no difference and it will not work. No need to put on a saphire shield to compensate for a -300 cold pierce or anything like that.

The element of surprise is reduced to zero. A monk will do 7 side and follow with light wave, or DIE. A WD will do horrify, walk and then do bats, or die. Surprise would be, a barb comes in, throws some axes and you die, and go like holy crap! That guy maxed weapon throw!

What can I say...pointless game...pointless duels...wahhh! Wahh! wah! You know...Wahh! Spits...crap.
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I understand your frustration, wiz is under powered in PvP. However, D3 is not D2 and that is a good thing. We may have lost things that we love in Diablo, like skill trees and elemental specialization, but we have gained things like the call of duty elements and not missing most of the attacks we throw. Overall I have had way more fun with D3.

10/06/2013 01:02 PMPosted by Jester
pointless duels

No, not duels. I am talking about PK where you can kill someone who owes you money and take their ear and gold, gang beat a troll in a pub game, or kill someone in a PvP game who just wants to walk around killing monsters and taking up a slot. Instead we are left with no option other then to troll back or report them, which is misconduct in itself.
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Can you not vote kick a player? Also what do you mean pk because they "owe you money" ?
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If the player created the game, you can't kick them. Even one PvE game tagged brawling can complicate a PvP game search, every time you leave, you will be redirected to the game you just left.

PK means player kill, which would occurred in D1 and D2 after another player would go hostile in town. After going hostile, they would kill the other player and gold and an ear would drop. It is common in D3 for players to front other players an item that they need for a build, for example, you give me 50 mill gold now because you have it and pay me back the other 50 mill when you get it. Now if that other player doesn't want to pay you back, you cannot force them to unless you report them, which is not what report system is intended for. Which is why I proffer bringing back PK, if you lent someone an item and they won't pay you back, you can get your money back without reporting them. You do this by killing them every time they log on and picking up the gold they drop until you have what you are owed.
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