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well, it seems, and not to pun the matter, i've been "duped" on my manticore that i got earlier tdy. now from what i've read, duped items function almost indistinguishable from the non-duped items, and should not get me into trouble with the TOS or with blizzard. but according to some people, they may disappear in the future with no reason given whatsoever....is this true? i'de be severely pissed if it were true, since i had no idea it was bloody duped to begin with when i got it, why should I the player be penalized for another players exploit? wanting to know a bit more on this matter, if anyone knows anything about it

also, just so i don't double post something:

trying to break the 400k dps mark with my dh. getting close, but wondering what else i can do? without sacrificing more res or life... (had to sacrifice 53 all res for my nat reflection to go up by 26k dps, which brought me down to 555 res all....)
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This has never happened. Blizzard just made it so newly duped items (via the roll back exploit) will now be account bound. They decided the best action was to leave the duped items as is since 99% of the players who own a duped item did not in fact dupe it themselves.
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since you bought it recently, how much did you pay (if you don't mind me asking)

in the market for one myself
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Biggest upgrade is a trifecta rare ring, then craft a better ammy, finally high dex nat boots ...in that order. missing average damage on all jewelry. if your worried about the AR you'll lose on the litany, youll have to replace your WH with one that has more AR.

Use d3up and simulate gear.
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litany has been upgraded (and better yet, didnt lose AR, gained some, was a sweet deal for 300m too), and boots were upgraded, but lost a little life from it. as for amulet...sigh...yes i realize common sense, craft dem amulets....i've been trying :P tried to see if i can find a good one on the market, and found one with 10 cc and 85 ccd, with average dmg, 265 fdex etc. but, costs 1.4b and i'de lose 46 AR...so yeah...
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You want DPS you have to give up AR/EHP. Gear isnt available as it was before....D3 is pretty much dead on the AH and player wise IMO until expansion comes out. Why i sold a lot of my gear within the past week.

Your worried about AR to much... 400 is doable, 450 your set...I was doing 360ish snapshotting with life steal from gloom mp10 runs solo and group runs, but i see you dont use rapid fire and using the Echo/bola build. Id get a nat chest with Spike dmg %. Your sheet dps will decrease in in real gameplay your hitting way harder.

Camp the AH til you find a rare ring. A GG ring would be like 10k+ DPS increase. Other Route you can go is to find a Lacuni with dex/vit/AR and perfect ASI and CC, GL trying to find that. Keep crafting...even hell fire rings you can get lucky and get one for free

Honestly you should just save your money/gold and enjoy the game. Your gear will mean nothing when ROS launches.

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yes but life steal glom is losing its effectiveness in ROS, which is why i was focusing so much on my AR and hp along with my dps. trying to have a balance so that when glom loses its effectiveness, i can still survive

meh i just got back into the game 3 weeks ago, so games still alive for me since i havent played since pre-inferno nerf, so alot of things are new, well, for me, and i like that. still trying to get the stuff the way i like em
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If your gonna try to play the way ROS might be played out buy gear that has life/sec which is what i did for about a week, used the passive brooding, No shadow power, I used smoke screen displacement, My life/sec was 2000/sec and with sentry healer it was even higher, i was doing mp-5-7 on fields of misery.

Also were getting AR gems so yea...
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