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Upgrade my alts

tl;dr Pick the worst piece of gear on each of my demon hunter, wiz and monk.

The wall of text version: I've geared those three alts, and played them for varying amounts of time. I have some gold left over, it should be enough to get one solid upgrade on each char. I'm seeking your advice on what those upgrades should be.

Why am I asking here? Because I like this forum (insert Nyan hug). Many of the regulars know me, and many of you have alts with far more experience than mine.

My goal is to get paragon levels for RoS, but also to explore these other classes. I want to have fun along the way, I can't just xp run through to 100. I also don't like dying (as you may know from my barb). So I'm not wearing xp gear and gems. I'm also not gearing in anticipation of RoS.

DH: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/gooball-6178/hero/35715351 . I'm reasonably happy with him. He has enough ehp by DH standards. He has the usual DH weaknesses, but they won't be fixed by gearing. So I'm looking for an upgrade that will increase my effective dps. Note that I don't want more attack speed. I hit the 1.67bp for rf:fire support, and at the next (2.0) I'd consume hatred too quickly.

Wiz: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/gooball-6178/hero/36102581 . I'm reasonably happy with him too. He's OP for farming mid-level mps, and thanks to the int and archon boosts to ar, he has reasonable survivability. He's useless against bosses and ubers, but that's archon for you. I don't want to gear for cm/ww. So again, I'm looking to increase my effective dps. Many of my friends farm high mp levels. If I can kill faster, I won't drop out of archon so often.

Monk: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/gooball-6178/hero/35847329 . I'm least happy with my monk, but I've also spent the least time on him, so there may be some l2p issues. He seems like a weak version of my barb. I'm using the exploding palm + bells build. It's reasonably effective, but for the gold I spent, and the planning I put into getting all the right stats, it's disappointing to have only 186k dps and 43k life. So whatever upgrade you can recommend is welcome here.

WD: I haven't geared him yet.

Thank you, my berserker thirsty brothers.
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Craftables count?
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tl;dr Pick the worst piece of gear on each of my demon hunter, wiz and monk.

DH: nats boots
WIZ: boots (again)
MONK: (a mess actually) too much iAS for TR, swap in DS, then get a Tal's chest...
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@xxxkan - yes, I craft as essences permit. But since I have some leftover gold, my intention was to spend it.

@DethAxe - can you expand on the monk advice please? I've been using TR to get out of trouble and move around the map, not as my main damage dealer. Like WW, it has the nice feature of being able to glide through enemies. Can I use DS the same way? And If I get a Tal's chest, I'll gain ias but lose the +130 dex inna's 2 bonus (the possible dex and life stats being much the same on the two). I presume you're saying that's a good tradeoff?
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