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Does mode and difficulty matter?

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I just bought the game so it wasnt a breeze with no items... So i moved it to easy difficulty normal mode. Im wonderin if you get better items on higher difficulties or modes so that i dont continue to waste my time on easy. I only have one legendary playing on easy.


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the chance for items should be the same on easy/normal/hard. it's only on the master levels that you get a reward of increased magic find and gold find.

further to this, any item can drop at any of these difficulties. so you could loot completely gg weapons or armour for example on easy as much as you can on Master V.
You just improve the chance to get legendary/higher number of affix rares the higher your magic find % is, and as mentioned higher difficulties give you the MF bonus.

some of my best items came playing my first character through on normal difficulty.
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One thing I'll say, is that the hardest part seemed to be early Act I on my Normal, Nightmare and Hell runs. My Inferno run it was butter smooth but I had two great weapons drops at the beginning and played most of Act I with IK Boulder Breaker 1 hitting just about everything.

Give it a bit of time to find some stuff. Don't worry if you need to use all your money up front on the Normal Act I - II to buy some better equipment from the vendors. You'll never have to buy anything from them again and the little money you have now won't make a difference. I'd focus on items you DON'T currently have (i.e. don't upgrade your weapon these are the most common drops and you'll find plenty soon enough and if the vendors have something it's probably money better spent fill out your open slots.)

That said, dumping it down to easy mode is one solution, but I don't feel you learn enough about optimizing your skill usage by doing this early on. Just my thoughts.
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