Diablo® III

A few questions.

This is the first Diablo game I have ever played and I love it. But I have a limited understanding of it. So help me out please. First once you hit level 60 what is paragon? Is there going to be a Xbox 1 version? Is the expansion hitting the consoles? What's a Key Warden? When can you start farming Key wardens? And is there anymore hidden levels like the Whimsy shire that I joined on accident one day?
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Psragon levels are levels that are shared among all characters that are level 60...
You get..
3 mainstat (ie wiz and wd get int, monk and dh get dex)
2 vitality
1 other stats
3% magic and gold find...
A paragon 100 wizard gets
300 int
200 vitality
100 strength
100 dexterity
300 gold find
300 magic find....
They have not released news about xbox1 version as of yet...
The expansion is supposed to hit the console, but not till after the pc...best guess is late next year...
Key wardens drop keys....there are 4 wardens 1 in each act...
act 1 drop destruction key
act 2 drops hate key
act 3 drops terror key
act 4 drops infernal machine plans (ubers) or a random key

1 of each key creates an infernal machine...3 infernal machines are needed to open the 3 portals fr ubers...each uber has a chance to drop an organ...1 of each of the 3 organs is used to craft a hellfire ring....Google will give you more details about all this stuff!!!
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1 - There are 100 paragon levels. they add 3% magic find/gold find and stat bonuses for each level

2 - I don't think so.

3 - I think so.

4 - A Key warden is a guardian of the keys used to make the infernal machines. They open the ubber level, where you can find the pieces to make your hellfire ring (can be used at level 1).

5 - aside from ubber level, no. There are indeed special events within some dungeons.
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Wow paragon level/mode really ups the stats. Thanks for the info and time to google search. My barbarian is rounding level 50 so I just wanted to be up to speed on things.
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Sure, but at the cost of a LOT of Exp farming.
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