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WF seems more efficient; no Shadow Power

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I never had "proof" that the WF can out do other higher DPS weapons (other than my own math that is) until a couple months back when someone (Worx I think) with a DPS meter was in my game. At the time I was 210K sheet DPS with a Manticore, and their DPS meter said that my eDPS was ~600K. I swapped out for the Windforce and 150K sheet DPS, changing Caltrops JS for Gloom and Brooding for Vengeance. With this setup the meter said my eDPS was ~1450K. I lost ~30% sheet DPS and gained ~115% eDPS. Not the 2-3M eDPS a 150K WD or Barb puts out, but none too shabby either. It might be that high if I worked Choking Gas into it, but that extra 0.5s for LF is crucial in HC.

I have a pretty decent WindForce, but when I equip it I lose about ~70k sheet dps. I do love playing with it with sentries, but I'm curious what combination of skills you used to actually get more eDPS using it. It seems like the sheet loss is just too massive. I wouldn't even care about actually matching the Manticore, but would love to hear some ideas on how to use the WindForce better (easily my favorite weapon when playing solo.)

For reference here's a Manticore build I use:

Here's a Windforce:
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My WF build has been great so far. Chose WF for nastalgic reasons mostly lol. It's effective as heck as long as your other gear supports it.
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hidden NS?
the problem NS brings up is resource on crit. It is the core problem to a lot of 100% uptime play style
perma WotB, infinite hammer, etc.
perma freeze, infinite diamond skin, etc.
perma gloom, infinite RF, etc.

those method I have on the bar are legit ways to generate resource. Blizz is testing and reducing them so far from what I know of the datamined stuff.

"hidden NS" was a way of calling it when you can actually get the "same result" (as if you were using NS) by using a different method even if it's not based on crit chance.

Said that, and according to the statement that those skills were a problem because were allowing people to have infinite resources and spam the best skills with the best dmg or the best defense skills, wouldn't finding a different way to regerenerate (even legit as you said) also brings back the problem? imho I think so, according to what was said and what I'm saying is, it doesn't matter if you are regenerating resources through NS or skills, the resources are being regenerated allowing you again to have the infinite resources and spamming whatever you need to spam.

If that happens with the DH, that could also happens for barbs and monks if their skills are capable of doing it so it wouldn't have any effect nerfing some passives and skills if the resources would still be regenerated somehow.
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LMAO heck yes you did. Lent me some 1093 DPS strength roll that was -50% of my sheet damage. 30 minutes later I bought a 1275 DPS OS for 70K. A week later that same caliber bow was 20M. You are the OG WF DH.

Copy that. You can play around RD, I like to plan to take that damage if I need to. Never know when a RD pack is going to find that missing Spike Trap you planted in the corner at just the wrong time. Yea RD got nerfed and nerfed again. And now it's getting nerfed again. They're making this game way too easy.

How can you say this when RD is clearly a gear check affix.

Just put on the requirements gear-wise or rune-wise to where RD is no longer a threat, then the game is easy enough as is.

It's a persistent gear check that does absolutely nothing else.

The truest way of avoiding RD is to keep the pack outside of elite affix proximity, as once RD turns off it won't turn back on unless you cross that "line of scrimmage" or they force it past you.
I can say it because I believe it to be true. First, I believe that we need gear checks, otherwise there is no point to even having gear- just give each class their innate stats and be done. I can also say that you can play around RD because you can. Your line of scrimmage tactic for one, timing your shots for another, or just let your pets do the work.

I think we had a pretty good talk about this last night. I do not believe that the problem is with RD or LS mechanics, rather it's the scaling we're currently at. LS has not changed since launch, in fact we were forced into it with repeated proc nerfs and buffs to stats. The old RD mechanic was broken- animation that was not visible and an affix that was always on. Now it is easy to see and it toggles on/off so it is avoidable.

I've got a ton to say on this issue but lack the motivation to post it here; besides I don't think this is the right thread for it. Keep an eye out in the RoS discussion, I'm going to put up a TL;DR over there *soon*.
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Personally i'm kinda disappointed with how RD turned out.

Yes the first incarnation going off damage done was a bit much.

But i found this to be one of the the most interesting monster affixes still in the game.

I adore the auras they have now great way to see that affix without having to pause over a baddy.

I loath, however the fact that it turns off now. This has become an affix that melee characters look for because a half decent geared melee character unless they are sitting in a plague on top of a sentry they are not going to notice it. its a freebie for melee characters..

"haha, dumb elite, you wasted an affix on something I'm not going to notice!..muahahahah"

nothing is wrong with LS, damage modifies are the issue. if max damage on a whole was slightly lower and the min damage slightly higher it would bring it in line with a good procing LOH skill.

this Windforce is one of those Items they actually did justice too. it doesn't appearer as aggressive as its D2 incarnate BUT, what it doesn't have in forward aggression, it makes up for with AOE and extremely useful stats. I just wish there were two random stat rolls on top of the base stats rather then one. but we can all dream can't we?
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