Diablo® III

Does mode and difficulty matter?

I just bought the game so it wasnt a breeze with no items... So i moved it to easy difficulty normal mode. Im wonderin if you get better items on higher difficulties or modes so that i dont continue to waste my time on easy. I only have one legendary playing on easy.


xbox gt
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master 5/highest difficulty, wont make the items better but you will get more magic find so more legendary items per kills, so the chance of finding something good "can" increase. but if your dps is low then you would get less per hour due to elites taking alot longer to kill.

also easy to hard mode make zero difference on magic find, just master levels.

hell inferno etc mode affect monster level and therefore item level so that makes a big difference

id stay on inferno easy mode for a while, i was still farming it at 300k dps and getting more legs that master 5.
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Easy/Medium/Hard - All give back the same amount of Exp / Gold Find / Magic Find the difference is how hard it is to take down the mobs and how hard they hit you.
Master I-V - Give back Increasing amounts of Exp / Gold Find / Magic Find

The modes must be played through to get to the next mode. So you must play through Normal Mode to unlock Nightmare, and Nightmare to unlock Hell and Hell to Unlock Inferno. There are lvl requirements as well (30 for Nightmare, 50 for Hell and 60 for Inferno.)

I personally went through on Medium all the way through Inferno (Currently in Act III of inferno.) I've tended to stay a bit a head of the curve with the drops I've found and I uncover everything in the game play through (well at least through my Hell run - Not running back to look in every nook and cranny in Inferno play through though I still uncover probably > 90%.) I didn't want things too easy or harder than necessary. I play a Barb and he's pretty much been butter smooth. I died 3 times in my Normal run - all to the Walkers Poisonous pods, it was insta-killing me and I didn't know what it was LOL. No deaths in Nightmare. 3-4 deaths in Hell (Only Boss death so far, died to the final boss - not saying name since you haven't played yet.) And 4 deaths so far in Inferno.

As you progress through the Modes, the mobs will get tougher (and so do you) and the amount of affixes they have on them increases (i.e. they can do multiple magic and attacks in higher modes.) This part doesn't change with changing the difficulty, it's their Damage and HP that increases (along with your +Exp%, +MF%, +GF% when in Master I-V.)
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