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Noob question on loot

Hey gang,

Sorry for the truly noob question, but here goes:

I have all five classes completed one run thru the game, and thru the first two acts. On all that, I have seen a grand total of three legendary drops, all on normal difficulty (two of the three were a barb belt, sigh....).

My question is, does the drop rate get any better in harder versions of the game (hell, inferno)? Cause this drop rate is a little depressing. I know legendaries aren't the end all be all of loot, but it'd be nice to see a couple more drop.

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Drop rate is the same throughout, the drop rates won't be changing until the xpac is released.
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I guess I can at least take comfort in eventually seeing some set items drop.

Thanks for the info....as disappointing as it is to read.
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To be clear as you level you will gather gear that will incidentally have Magic Find on it, causing you to find more Legendary's.

Also after you hit level 60 and you start Paragon leveling each level you Magic Find is increased 3%

Paragon 100 characters find more legendarias than a level 50.
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Wait so there is no better chance to find Legendary drops on Inferno 10 then there is on Inferno 1?
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There is a better chance due to the mp10 giving higher MF
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It depends not only on magic find but also MP level. for example if you are farming MP level 1-5 with maxed magic find you will get a to 2 legendary items an hour on average from elite packs mostly. the higher MP levels mean certain monsters have a higher chance of dropping an extra item so it increases your chance of getting a legendary item from normal monsters, but if you don't have strong gear then you will kill far fewer monsters an hour on the higher MP setting making the lower Mp setting more profitable. Hope that helped :)
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