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Please vote for xLAKITUx..wd forums MVP

The baby punchers thing was clearly a joke and he throws his support in for Paul and Luffy at the end. xLakitux - you seem like a good guy.
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You, sir, are way off base and a complete liar.

I did loan you the belt since I couldn't sell it, that is true. You had terrible gear at the time, and you and I played together almost every night. I had no problem letting you use the belt as I considered you a friend.

You did offer to give it back about 4 or so months ago, that is true. But, I didn't need it at the time so I didn't bother to ask you for it.

Fast forward to a week or so ago:
I was surprised to see you, as you had removed me from your friends list. When that was, I don't know, only you do.

However, when you joined that game Luffy and I were in, I kindly asked you for the belt back. Your exact words at the time were "My WD is level 99, can I use it until I reach P100 (which was only a bar or two away)?" to which I said "fine." Your WD has since made P100, and now you're on your next WD.

You then left the game citing "internet problems, something wrong with my ether cable." You logged off and later logged back on that night.

I messaged you at least TWICE when I saw you re-log, with ZERO response from you.

You then REMOVED LUFFY from your friends list that night after he asked you for the belt back too. I had ALREADY been removed prior, which is why I never saw you online and was surprised to see you in that game that night with Luffy.

I continued to message you at least 4-5 times, asking for the belt back, BEFORE I began to spam all your threads and let everyone know what you did.

Now, you want to make bull!@#$ up, that's fine and dandy. Luffy, a WELL RESPECTED forum member will VOUCH to everything I typed above.

As for the belt, I couldn't give a %^-* about it. What pisses me off is that you know it wasn't yours, admit it wasn't yours, then refuse to give it back and lie about the circumstances.

"Pay you the current price for it?" Jesus boy, you're falling deeper and deeper into your well of lies. I never once gave you a price for it. In fact, you told me you didn't have any gold and couldn't afford it, so I continued to let you use it at the time.

"After 4-6 months I want the belt back?" Yes, I do. Why wouldn't I, it's mine after all as you've already admitted.

You want to make things right? Simple. Give back what's not yours in the first place and I'll be done with you. Don't want to face me or Luffy? Give it to Reaper or any other respected forum member and screenshot it and post it here so I know where it is.

Until you give it back, you're nothing more than a compulsive liar and a thief.
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...so what you're saying is I have your vote? (I stopped reading after windymouth.. Has a great ring to it)
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omg... I just picked some random WD here in the forums... seems like imma make you famous xLAKITUx!!! :D

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aaaaaaaaaaaaand until now, we sstill dont have an MVP.
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