Diablo® III

Limited Time Offer

Do you find yourself stuck and unable to progress? Do you find yourself constantly behind your party members? Do you find your game more wormy? Have you found that when you try to play at a higher MP level the other players vote to kick you out of the game as the are tire to constantly resurrecting you. Have you played games where the other players no longer resurrect you? Tired of hearing yourself saying " I'm in...and found out you died. Do you feel like you need to become a Barbarian to play at a high level. Do you find that that Barbarians see who you are in the game promptly leave the game? Do you find you have to be more gloomy to survive? Have all your friends left you behind and you can no longer play with them.? Would you like to feel like a God of the game? Have you played at infernal level and reached Paragon level 100 and have yet to get a decent drop? Have you found the town merchants were only helpful in the first hour of play. Have you found crafting unsatisfying and unrewarding?

Well my friend you are not alone. Do what million have done and visit us at the D3 Auction House. Till 3-18-14, we have decided to reward those players that first bought the game when it came out and have already become Godly and let those foolish enough to recnetly buy the game to flounder. Just because you are new to the game. you too can become Godly in the game.

Visit are real money side and you too can become the envy of your friends in the game in mere minutes. (please note a nonrefundable deposit maybe required.)

No money you say? Not to worry, our " Gold" side may be the answer you are seeking. You say you do not have much gold to get anything of value. Well we at the D3 Action House have the answer. First you must quit your job or life if you have one and play D3 till you fingers are bloody everyday. You will find by doing that your gold on hand will start to grow. Do not feel disappointed if you still do not find you have enough gold to get a Godly item after a few months play,since this is our Going out of Business Sale, and we anticipated there will be many bargains to be had as our suppliers panic and unload many premium items.

Please note that we at D3 will replace the Auction House after our going out of business sale with Loot2, but we will not tell you what it is, as we here at D3 feel that would create an unwanted backlash and hurt our current sales of D3. We urge you to visit us here at the Auction House because after 3-18-14 we will be gone.

This announcement was made possibly by the makers of D3.
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