Caveat - nothing in this build is unique and I am sure has been done before and quite possible may have a build name. In that case, kudo's to the original build master.

NEW BUILD - AGGRO KING - The Expansion DH Tank - At the end I will explain why I call this aggro king.

Here it is:!UXV!ZbcbcY

I am able to run solo MP10 and group of 4 MP 8 - challenging but very rewarding.

With the upcoming expansion, with CD and CC Cap and no gloom snapshot and ls potential nerf, I got some LOH stuff which dropped my paper DPS from 350 to 200 and then 150 with cold soj as I am running trifecta hellfire for xp.

Now I have 1500 LOH. The key to this build is COT and Custom Engineering. I must have something in the chain to proc LOH in order to complete my play cycle.

MFD Mortal Enemy is critical to not worry about hatred

Cluster Grenades plus nightstalker is critical for disc creation

SS Choking Gas is important for setup, emergency potion, single target DPS, and handling affixes.

TOC Vault is critical for setup and COT Sentry positioning along with good LOH proc.

Multishot Suppression is excellent once you are proc hatred with MFD and chains - this is spammable when everything is going well. For ranged mobs, this is your skill to stay alive when proc LOH is tough.

Numbing traps - it is very beneficial as everything on screen near you should be in contact with either grenades or chains.

Here is the strategy:

Grenades - I always have this button down at all times.

Sentry 1 Setup) Get as close to the mob as possible. Drop a chain and then vault into them. Select max health mob in your chain and mark with MFD. SS Choking gas at this point as you should have mobs around you. If everything is going well (that is you are sustaining, your hatred should be full and you don't need to move), then fire off multishot in the direction of the greatest mob density until your hatred is almost out.

Sentry 2 Setup) Now, if the mob is where you are, then vault back to chain 1 spot and drop chain 2, and vault right back where you were. Now remark with MFD. You have much more sustenance at this point. If the mob had moved, then drop Sentry 2 just like you did for Sentry 1. If this mob were to move back to your fight location during Sentry 1, then you can got to Sentry 3.

Sentry 3 Setup) Depending upon the movement of the mobs during battle, having the 3rd chain at the same location as 1 and 2 is ideal but remember you will probably die if more than 3-5 seconds of intense fighting occurs and you have nothing in your chains. Playing solo, you should try to have all of the chains in 1 spot. For group play you should aim for 2 as the 3rd should be in the direction of the group.

With elites and their affixes, nightmare and vortex suck the most as they can put you in a position where you are vulnerable. Freeze and jailer should be no problem with vault and correct timing. This is good are you can reposition chains and vault over mobs to fill your life with TOC proc LOH. With arcane, use your SS along with molten and plague.

If you can keep grenades firing and multishot spamming (must refresh MFD - for a champion or elite you don't need to as much). Double chain and MFD on elite is full hatred and constant multishot which leads to unlimited vault and smokescreen WHEN YOU NEED IT.

DPS Comment - You always have chains on mobs, grenades firing at all times. Then you always have either multishot firing, TOC Vault fire damage, or SS Choking Gas when you are on an elite, champion or a mob. This combination of offense does real decent damage. Nothing like a nirvana monk, but you are now playing where monks live.


You must be aggressive and must engage in the core of the battle in order to proc LOH with 2-3 skills at all times. And in my opinion, mobs love to target DH's and I get a ton of aggro from mobs. With cold SOJ, it slows them down so they rarely go too far. For this reason, I always seem to aggro 1-2 of the elites and most cases the champion which with MFD and chains allows me to keep him at bay while the group dismantles the rest. I can stand many affixes so I hardly need to run.

Running with windforce at 48% proc kickback is a PITA when trying to proc MFD but very viable solo. As I am trying to maximize mob position in my chains, excessive mob movement due to kickback is not my preference.

Give it a try.....I am hooked. I am sure that with the xpac many more skills will become viable in this type of build like jagged spikes with LOH proc...