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Help me out please! :D

What would you guys reckon I should upgrade next?? this is a silly question but I am completely stumped and want to hear some nice inputs!
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Your gloves are great, but crafting can add 150 Intel there, pushing you over 300k DPS.

If need to, you can sacrifice the Armor or AR roll there, but not both. If you're super lucky, you may even get a Vit roll. You don't really need that 6% IAS on glove, although you may be counting on all trifecta to get to the 300k mark.

You push a lot of Vit into your Tal's amulet, which gives up the +Average Damage roll. I think the damage stat will be more meaningful for 1Handers, the double-Vit, you can always allocate to another defensive slot (or look for %Life on other slots). For example, your Vit roll on the WH help is kinda wasted, it might as well be missing and you get 1 more row of stat in that slot. Another example, that 180 Armor on your boot is not worth much defense. If your AR there was near to 80 without the +Armor, that extra AR could be worth 100-120 Armor of mitigation, where you have 1 row of stat in that slot (and you can choose double-Vit for the boot, to free up the reliance of Vit on amulet or bracer, which in this case it will be better to free up the Vit on amulet slot to put in +Average damage).
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@paulng my dps is not my concern i'm pushing 306k+ unbuffed w/ visage paragon 100 of course, I could craft gloves, but nothing has come up yet to out dps mine with getting the mit on mine. My gloves are balanced, I know for a fact I can get better bracers, working on those too, the only opportunity is really dropping armor on my boots, or getting ehp skulls, which I need decisive responses.

I do push straight ehp on my tals amulet and that was my straight decision, Maybe paul, should I continue to use armor zuni marrow's or use my %life? that is the big question I ask of you.

-and I also want to note, I will not by any chance give up my amulet, its a very very high ehp with 6% 64% 10% and it's the amulet I was very much searching for. I downed dps from my previous amulet and I was perfectly fine with it.

-going back to the zuni marrow, should I drop the %life and use a armor roll or should I keep it?
Thats what I ask of anyone really.
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10/06/2013 01:58 AMPosted by avila
-going back to the zuni marrow, should I drop the %life and use a armor roll or should I keep it?

If you're happy with DPS (that's usually what everyone wants to upgrade), then I think you're looking good at your current gear set up. That little bit of Armor at the expense of %Life isn't going to make much difference.

Save up your gold/$ or cash out any surplus and just "copy and paste" P100 WDs until the new content comes out. Have fun!
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paulNG yes I happily have to agree, but not sure if gold will be a market value, new content is still up in the air and right now I am trying to make even pavement, I'm glad you think I have a good current set up, but we'll really see when expansion really does come out.

@paul, do you have any GG skorns on sale brotha?? :D I need to get a new one to test out PB even more.
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10/06/2013 02:41 AMPosted by avila
@paul, do you have any GG skorns on sale brotha?? :D I need to get a new one to test out PB even more.

No, the current Skorn in profile is my only Intel one with lifesteal. It's only "decent", not even GG grade.

IMO, PB works better with 1Hander faster APS due to the ramp up stacking portion. Skorn will be better for locust, acid cloud, haunt, etc where stacking is not allowed and subsequent casts override the previous cast.

Also, 1H and 2H gearing have different priorities, if you have optimized for the 1H path, the 2H weapon may not be as "optimized". Vice versa.
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