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Is it ever ok to use Litany + Pox?

For the rings, if you can't find a decent Zuni Marrow with -elite damage, would it be ok to use a Litany in conjunction with the Zuni Pox? The litany seems to have a max CC of 4% (maybe 4.5%, can't recall), but also comes with AR and can roll higher Intel amounts.
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Bump, please. I am working on my WD now, but planning on how to gear him. I already have some pieces set, all but gloves, bracers and a ring. Currently, I do not have any of the -elite damage. Considering the only slots left that I have open, is the ring the only place to get it? And, would I be better going that route than stacking more Vit, Avg Dam, or AS?
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There are fans of the Litany ring out there. Standard CHC and high CHD are popular choices - %Elite reduction is 6% or 7%.

You going 1H or 2H path? Gearing targets and stat optimization is different for each path. Ring and Chest are the only 2 places to get "%Elite reduction" stat.
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I am going 2H Skorn route with 5.8% LS. With that much, could I theoretically get away from the -elite damage?
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Quite likely you could, that's really high LS. Depends on your overall damage though of course, and mitigation etc...

Another possible option - see my chest. -% melee. (or ranged). I have found this to be very effective across the board since CoB demands melee range. Cheaper stat overall, and I can get away with much less armor. I do have high AR though.

I think about the ring question a lot. My rare ring is really hard to give up, but I know that Skywalkerfx loves litany and has an amazing one. I keep one in my bags for when I want to go overkill on survivability.
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I am going 2H Skorn route with 5.8% LS. With that much, could I theoretically get away from the -elite damage?

With this, you can get away with many things. Allocate your ehp and mitigation to other slots, and your ring slot can be focused on mana and DPS (pure offensive). Example will be a high-end rare ring or SoJ.
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I prefer Litany myself, but it really comes down to playstyle.
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The only time I'd use a Litany is for brawling. As you stated, the Litany can only roll up to 4.5cc where as rare rings with 6 properties can go up to 6cc and roll other stats such as avg dmg, vit, armor, etc. But if you are on a budget, the ring can be worth it since the -elite dmg is pretty underrated in pve.
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I use both on my WD with my CoB build.

I like using the Litany just because it gives me elite reduction and good RA on the ring.

the Litany I use:
150 int
70 RA
43 CD
4.5 CC
7% elite reduction

Pox I use:
34-62 Damage
159 int
50 vit
67 RA
32 CD
3.5 CC

between the 2 rings I end up with 137 RA + another 31 RA from the INT for a total of 168 RA worth. being they both have CC/CD that helps out a lot to keep my dps up. Maybe I'm doing it wrong if someone is asking the question if it is OK to use them together... lol

I could probably use my HF ring instead of the litany to speed up para leveling ... but I don't bother... I like the survivability I have.
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Litany has great mitigation, but the DPS is a bit more limited compared to many other rings. I used litany + hellfire on my wizard, but for my WD I preferred pox + hellfire.
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Thanks, guys. I will probably just go for a rare. My AR is pretty much covered, so I will look for crit chance, crit damage, intel and vit. How much does the Avg Dam mod actually work?
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Witch doctors are pretty squishy at first. I prefer using it just because I don't like getting killed. Even with it I can still be killed if I'm not paying attention and casting the right !@#$ at the right time. I will admit that if you get the sequence right and pop through the skills that I use in my profile a lot of damage gets dished out. Catch an elite pack close together and pop off the skills right and they do not even stand a chance. Even at 220k damage or whatever I have on my doc.
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The CD base Litany ring is worth to invest, it helps a lot for MP10 elite fighting, dead WD don't DPS.
Mine take me 2 months+ to evaluate and buy, spent 300 Mil for this 50% CD litany few months ago, I think it is a snipe after all for perfect CD.

If you a SoJ fan, you can forget about Litany.
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I am a big fan of litany.

For 1h/mojo setup, high double crit litany offers exceedingly high mitigation ( 160+ int, 70 all res, 6-7% elite dmg reduction), and excellent dps (45+ crit dmg).

7elite dmg is better than 80 AR or any 397 armor roll for a good wd.
And most important, double crit litanies are incredibly cheap

I sold my 49 crit, 168int, 68 all res, 7% elite dmg reduction for only $22 bucks on RMAH 2 days ago. That's like 700m for a top 10 litany on the server
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i keep my 49cd litany on my inventory. eventhough i dont swap gears i cant sell it cause it gives me peace in mind knowing i have my ehp ring, :D
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I don't use one on my WD, but I kept one in my inventory for my monk. Nasty pack rolls around, I put that on.
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