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Rate the Monk Above You- Version Last Empire!

Not many monks like to rank the monk above and below. I think the "Rank the Monk Above and Below. Version ☯" is already dead.

Go back to normal and rate the monk above you!
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I'm not really a pro but in my opinion, your monk is very balanced as it has a 500+ AR, 54k HP 200k+ dps. 9/10

Your fist weps are awesome. I've been thinking about going back to them.
Cool Monk.

Kojin, Dope weapons man. Your ring is super nice too. Any tips or critiques are welcomed for my monk.
Chasif, continue to try your luck on crafting, it should be your main focus. Get crit damage on everything you possibly can. Dex on your ring, and a tad bit more resists. Also weapons need a bit of improvement. Message me in game if you need more in depth critiquing. 5.9/10
envy your monk..im runnin a pull monk i can handle group runs in mp10 but my dps is suffering. you look good to me...just built my monk in the last 24 hours tho so i know i have plenty of room for improvement

9/10 just for the fact of chasing all the same numbers but higher and could up gems if you wanted to commit to those pieces or needed the gold to do so keep it up!!

Dual LS , decent armor. High survival rate. Still loads of room for improvement.
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@kreyzie, good dps but your ehp needs some work. Resistance is probably at least 200 too low, your hit points could do with another 8-10K (or more) and your armor also needs a bit of a boost. At lower MP I'm sure your kicking butt but at the higher end I would imagine staying alive could be an issue. 8/10

Very impressive monk, solid gear in every slot. Not much to improve on other than hope for some lucky all res/lightning res rolls that can top out your current crafted ones.

Love the EF. But why the zunis? 7.5/10

Not bad, however I think that 18% fear on a EF if way too annoying when you play with other people. Also, your resists are way too low (300ish right ?), generally 500 is the minimum, a bit more with single LS. You could probably survive harder stuff with some regearing, even if that mean losing a bit of DPS.

Couldn't stand the baby blue innas anymore, aesthetics problem xD

Quite a nice monk setup, good balance of EHP and DPS.
Was it the bracers/chest the reason you moved to lightning res? :P

Zuni set monk, interesting setup.

nice workaround as a fire monk, really nice armor could have higher dps and maybe double LS?

(Already been rated, rate Neuron)


I crafted the bracers, then the ammy, and then rolled that chest. I had to switch resist, which kinda sucked because I was rolling chest to get out of OwE...
@neuron 9.5/10

OwE free? check. Amazing Dual Lifesteal? Check. Wkl? Check. 5000 armor? Check. 50k health? Check.

Your monk is amazing, good ehp and good dps :D
SirNick #1744 7.5/10 personal don't like temp/rush and you could use more attack speed but nice Monk
Waycooloz, very solid monk, only foreseeable upgrade is WKL with 980+ dps
10/08/2013 05:10 PMPosted by Waycooloz
SirNick #1744 7.5/10 personal don't like temp/rush and you could use more attack speed but nice Monk
Oh yeah, i have my tempest rush skills equipped but I have a whole different set for that, it's just lower dps and I just know people are constantly judging me by checking my profile to see if my monk is good enough for the advice I give.. So I always equip my dw before logging off so I can look all square and fit

-----------------Person below me rate odin and not me thank you-------------------------
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Fully understand
@Odin I think you need to get your CC to 47-50% and nice skorn 7/10
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