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i like those fists! maybe craft more ammys and get a higher CC! 8.8/10
@Chock kick !@# grim paw. 10/10
@Jordan That's one sick ammy. I think a few upgrades here and there like crafted bracers and shoulders, higher vit / dex nat boots would do a lot. A bit low on vit so with good crafted rolls, you'll be flying at 50k+ hp. overall pretty good 8/10
Very first thing, your nat boots is delicious!
And your crafted ammy, it's very good too! dex version teeming neck!
but i wonder you're taking part the Kim's vota time challenge? otherwise, i guess you could drop the passive Pacifism to maybe Exalted Soul so you can drop more bells.

8/10 for you!
@Death Wasn't very sure about the challenge at 1st but then scrolling and found out what you meant. Anyway, don't think i'll be taking part though. I'm using this build for DE farming in Vota. Speeds up my runs and with SoJ bonus + combination strike buff, they go down quite fast. Pacifism is really helpful in vota, there's tons of freeze mobs and that -75% damage is basically no damage at all when I'm frozen. I tried exalted soul vs non and spirit regen seems fine with SoJ+BF+Quickening without ES passive

Btw, used to buy lots of UNIDS so the boots was a result of one of the UNIDS nat boots i rolled. LUCKY ME and the ammy's bought actually. Frustrated with crafting I decided to buy it from a fellow monk.

Interested to see what the final result is for Kim's challenge.
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Nice... want to get to north of 300K DPS myself... love the EF :D

and the crafted ammy and bracers.. hopefully i get double stack 6cc ones... have been 300+ DEs now and still no luck argh..


Nice... want to get to north of 300K DPS myself... love the EF :D

and the crafted ammy and bracers.. hopefully i get double stack 6cc ones... have been 300+ DEs now and still no luck argh..


@goo, looks like you have crossed the 300K barrier already. Nice looking Monk, good dps and also good ehp. Some people would criticize your continued use of OWE, but I am not one of those people. If it works for you - use it. Hit points could do with being a little higher, but I'm sure that will be taken care of when you reach P100. Overall 9/10

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Excellent S&B...boat loads of life and decent DPS and most certainly on a strict budget. Snazzy HF ring to boot. Looking forward to see how you budget gear in 2.0 and by budget I mean trading with others.

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I honestly have no idea how to rank you since im pretty nub I just wanted a quick tip on what I can possibly do to fix my build. Looks a lot better than mine though

Oh yeah and I am that guy^
@AngryMonkey - high survivability but prolly takes a long time in higher mp levels 6/10 for me , weapons and the chest ~~
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^nice gear, but pants could be better with 10 more AR. Just some small things like having a +.25 EF and 2 piece nats for dps since you're unbuffed at 250k. Overall pretty nice monk 8/10 (:
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Nice monk great health pool without purple gem. Armor could be slightly higher could get a bit more Dex on nat boots fairly cheap. Really nice crafted bracers. Some upgrades could be had here and there but might as Well wait for ROS.
7/10 since I don't like efs
@BladeMaster Nice monk! high resists and I notice you dont have an amethyst on the head so im guessing if u have one ur HP is above 50k. I think you could boost your edps with a WKL.. really nice 9/10
@Chock Need dem Quad-Fecta Rings bud!
Only thing that can be improve from @Modz is his gloves to get cold res. Apart from that is perfect.


Green monk! I think your DPS,HP and AR are not enough for sustainable on high mp level. I suggest you turn on OWE due to yor HP is too low if you want run high MP level (such as above MP7). It is too bad you use alot of purple gems instead of green gems. You will lose too much dps. (5/10)
@ManUnited 297k dps unbuff with 600k+ ehp.. demm, without EF.. all i ever dream off.. 9.5/10 very well balance
@BV, would like to see a few more hit points (even with amethyst instead of ruby in helm), and maybe a tad more armor. Other than that, very nice. 9.2/10

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