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Don't get it. What is the relation between Eguadoido and Saltydog? lol
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Scrapz is The Undisputed Champion
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lol, what is going on ?
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nothing just a bit of flagging and trolling going on. =X
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10/06/2013 06:04 PMPosted by KSlaughter
lol, what is going on ?

I'll brief you real quick. There's this super bad manner Agent of the Matrix (Eguadoido) that uses fury and horrify to enslave the human population through the means of a Matrix. And then comes Agent Smith...Scrapz, evil of all evil, so wicked and bad mannered that he has to use 2.2k life regen and pot bonus to hit&staffrun, pot, regen...you name it...with a mission to end all life in the Universe.

So the fight went like this, Agent Eguadoido attacks the evil Agent Scrapz, Agent Scrapz sticks his palm into Agent Eguadoido and spreads blackness upon his body and soul, transforming him into another Agent Scrapz, then takes his sunglasses off and proceeds with a loud, evil laughter that puts Agent Eguadoido's evilness to shame forever.

Moral of the story: If you think you have a smelly hole, there will always be another dude with a hole 10x smellier than yours that will knock your senses out.

You guys are a shame to this entire duel community.
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@ jester...


edit: that was a horribly attempts at the funniez btw.
Edited by scrapz#1142 on 10/6/2013 9:40 PM PDT
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@ jester...


edit: that was a horribly attempts at the funniez btw.

How can you judge the skill of two players, one who relies on turning you into a pig to win, and the other relying on staff running to regen/pot? I honestly don't know who's better. You're both terrible. Terrible dueling practices.
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scrapz was the only one thats killed me in 6 months in hc i still won the match but he is a very skilled pvper
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some dude names beefsomethingyugioh added me today and said

"You G a ng bang crip cuhzz?

lol, did I just go back in time and enter high school?


thanks, I lack the gear in HC to pvp. Just wanted to spar and have some fun


stop complaining and move on. no one cares.
Edited by scrapz#1142 on 10/7/2013 1:51 PM PDT
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For some context below is what happened:

1). I was in this game originally and salty well mannered as always revived this wd who then promptly batted salty killing him.

2). Salty then sent a message with some very naughty words

3). I then asked salty if he wanted grave farm him which he readily agreed to

4). Carnage ensued with this guy dying probably at a 95 to 5 rate in our favor

5). One would pop his vessel and the other would finish him off--you could feel the anti wd rage flowing lol

6). It got better scraps entered and of course readily agreed to make Costco meat patties out of this wd

7). Least of all lets not forget our good manners: he was flagged and shown a undisputed champion belt each time he got downed

8). At the end salty and I left but scraps stayed to inflict some more pain with the results above

All said this a wd who is a FFA queen, with bad manners, and that gets owned 1 v 1. Moral of the story don't piss off salty and be respectful to one of the nicest/most respected pvp players out there!

By the way scraps you are awesome I about died laughing over him trying to spawn kill you and you still got him -- lol.


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Thanks for the kind words as always Wilbur!

I would like to start the Anti-Avocado Coalition.

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lol, i think the funniest part is calling him avacado.
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I thought it was iguana dodo.
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