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Wall of Zombies items

Does anyone know the maximum reduction of seconds on the various items you can get for wall of zombies? I know mara's kaleidoscope, stone of jordan, skull grasp and various mojo's have reductions on them. I was just wondering if anyone knew the maximum reductions.

Thanks for any help

Also does anyone have a better lookup method on the auction house ofr this particular suffix other than mousing up and down through 45 pages?
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if you are looking for sojs or mara's you can just search general armor. if you want soj, add +mana. if you want mara's, add dex, vit and int... skull grasps, add attack speed. that is, search those with wall of zombie reduction and the extra bits.

as it stands, i think you can get enough WoZ redux to cast Pile On with no cool down. So, to answer your question, i believe 10 seconds is the max you can get for cool down redux.
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3 secs per item... So you need all 4 items, which tanks our dps.

Should be fixed in the expac, when wall of zombies, all runes iirc changed to 8 sec cd (and perhaps the max may be increased per item? Don't know)
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Mojo/shield/bow/crossbow - 3 seconds (searchable affix)

Stone of Jordan - 3 seconds (not searchable; filter parameters - armour item, max mana, elite dmg% 20+; limits search to witch doctor rings)

Skull Grasp - 3 seconds (not searchable; filter parameters - preferably intelligence, and one of chc, chd, avg dmg, double intelligence, vitality; limits search to ok choices, if you can't find one expand parameters. skull grasp is one random roll + one fixed stat dex/int/str roll)

Mara's Kaleidoscope - 3 seconds (not searchable; filter parameters - 3 random rolls preferable options, chc, chd, avg dmg, double intelligence, triple intelligence, attack speed, double vitality, triple vitality, armour; hardest to filter well, you'll spend most time scrolling through the list of mara's, if you can't find what you want, expand parameters)


All up max cooldown is 12 seconds. Unfortunately there is no default armour item that comes with wall of zombies so you can't directly filter for it on the jewellery.
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My goal is to be able to rock a zero dog build with wall of zombies up. When I read about WoZ cooldown being lowered this sparked my interest. I have items that give 10 secs for pile it on to be spammed, but that cannot be done with zero dogs nor would you need it. Another problem is you cant have 2 skull grasps equipped. But with you guys saying stone of jordan is out there with a 3 second cooldown that helps. So in RoS i'll be able to get WoZ down to 6 secs and hopefully these diamond gems can knock it down 2 seconds.
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Just out of curiosity, but why would you want Wall of Zombies up on a 0 dog build? 0 dog builds are very tanky, and the closer the enemies are to you, the better. To me it seems WoZ is counterproductive...esp since you could be running something like MC or Hex to add dmg while you spam dogs.

I mean, if you are just planning to use it to diversify the build a bit, I can see you using WoZ, but for actually efficiency it seems like a wasted slot (even if it does do dmg while it is up).

I am interested to see if the ring that turns health globes into 100% dmg bombs makes it into RoS. Having that equipped on your non SoJ/SG hand, along with Carrion Swarm (health globe chance rune) could make the 0 dog build pretty OP (not that a well geared one isnt already).
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I wanna spam like 2-4 rows of walls, rush in and carpet bomb. I have 1 power slot that can go to any power for a throw away really. I switch up with flaming locusts, garagantuan, and big bad voodoo. I just like lesser used builds with a lot of eye candy on screen and thought wall would be fun with zero dog. I dont know about the ring you talk of though, I have health globes feeding my gruesome feast on screen all day... if they were bombs I would go on to say that I could rename my guy into Ted Kaczynski.
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it was one of the datamined item descriptions for rings. it would be a random roll on a ring, i think...not sure how they plan to implement that stuff.
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Or you could combine Dead Rush with D0g. But I think you'd do more DPS with pure D0g than any hybrid build.
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