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what/how should i upgrade?

Im trying to upgrade but everything is either billions of gold or just not in AH. Im at like 136k dps, 40% crit, 795 AR, 3800 armor. it seems like most of my gear is just updating 1% or .5% crit here and there. and I only have 52k health. I hear as a standard you should have around 65k health, 700 AR, 180k+ dps to start MP10. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks


I have around 200 mil atm
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10/04/2013 05:44 PMPosted by Melkia
it seems like most of my gear is just updating 1% or .5% crit here and there. and I only have 52k health.

I am making a guess, that when you decided on each piece of your current gear, you were thinking:
it's ok, just 1% less CHC, or 5%-10% less CHD, or 30-50 less Intel/Vit.

Well, that's really all the difference that's keeping you from reaching your desired stats to run MP10. When you short change yourself on a purchase because it is cheap, the next piece of noticeable upgrade will shoot up exponentially in price. When you do that for every piece of gear, you have to change almost every piece of gear in future.

From your current set up, if I add 5% CHC, 50% CHD, 300 Intel, 200 Vit, I see the stats as very capable for MP10.

I suggest you get a good Tal's amulet = 9%-10% CHC, 6% elemental damage, high Int and Vit.
Blackthorne's pants for the extra 12% Life as a temporary item to get you surviving in MP10. Craft shoulder, glove, bracer, total 5-10 pieces per gaming session. Don't push too hard at crafting, you will get good pieces eventually. Once you can survive the farm routes in MP10, quickly look for group runs, the exp is great, and the group buffs and skill combo will help your DPS a lot.
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Most of the time AH flippers inflate everything. I have a fair amount of gold also but not willing to spend a lot since the loot 2.0 and RoS is going to obsolete our gear for the most part. I'd rather save the gold for later crafting.

I think you could land yourself a better Ammy and Gloves by crafting IMO. I think you could ultimately get some upgrades fairly quick without spending too much. If you want to go for the GG gears then you will be out a fair amount unless you get lucky.
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Also.. you could try for shoulders. I rolled some with similar Vile stats that had easily higher INT than you are running. You could also choose to drop the Hellfire. I find that paying at higher MP with the EXP buff that it doesn't add too much. Use a hellfire at lower MP for speed farming if you choose.
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ok thanks
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