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10/08/2013 11:15 AMPosted by FL0Maxx
*Birth of baby

and my SNS video. Man, that set me back alot making that!

After you help me finish off my new toon, I need to load a red gem in my mempo, stick my mempo on my dome, roll with a hellfire.....and make up some time.
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SWEEET ranked 8th =)

Right above the noobsauce VOID! =) haha

Nice job Kiza cool stats
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10/07/2013 02:02 PMPosted by Boozor
How does this work with paragon 100s ? I played my wiz another 400 hours after paragon 100.

Exactly this.

Also, I've been running Ubers day and night, which, for XP, sucks ballz.

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That's it Kiza now I have to catch up. =P
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lols add me I want bottom of list lol
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As a programmer with some spare time on hands on the last couple of days, I got with a friend a little helper for this topic.


Design credit to my friend DAC-1815, programming by me, so, any bugs on the code please throw stones at me, not him. :)

That's a job under construction so far, and there's much more to add on the side as time goes by, but it's a good start. :)

It should only track XP over time, nothing more. No DPS / EHP calculations, no gear tracking, no MP-level suggestions, just XP, plain and old.

The front page shows the top 50 players with most XP on all realms, for both hardcore and softcore.

We're planning to add so far:
1) Your personal score (your current position on the big list);
2) XP history, what did you earn along time (something on the line "how much XP I earned per day");
3) Comparison charts and "personal score", where you could compare yourself against a set of other players.

Useless stats for nerds and e-peen. Just the thing we like.

Please note the site was constructed on less than 2 days, so some problems might rise.
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Wow, that's awesome, very cool Machado.

Hmm, HC looks wrong. I know there are other HC players with way more XP than that.
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Awesome work Machado/DAC!!

I have only one chance to do this before pich wakes up and gets serious: kiza > pich

/starts little dance
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Wow, sweet. I gotta log my a** in and get some xp. I'm going to get left in the dust with the likes of Pie and Para.

10/17/2013 12:07 PMPosted by Junger
I know there are other HC players with way more XP than that.

But are they wiz forum trolls?

Also, I hate being so busy I have like hardly any time to troll you guys.
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Very cool Machado. Nice work!

Wow, that's awesome, very cool Machado.Hmm, HC looks wrong. I know there are other HC players with way more XP than that.

Looks like it's just players already listed in this thread Junger.

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im up there. wahoo.
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I really hope they change this. Everything is in flux but how is it right someone like RulerEric who has like 220K Elite kills with wizzy most of which after paragon 100 can have 10x less paragon exp going into RoS as someone with ~30K elite kills - all you need is about 3000 for para 100 each following the efficient routes.

RulerErix 220K elite kills 10K points
Player with 10 toons and 30K elite kills between them 1m points

wtf over?
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10/17/2013 12:13 PMPosted by ChangBooster
But are they wiz forum trolls?

I'm not a troll. :/

Edited by Junger#1623 on 10/17/2013 12:18 PM PDT
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@Junger, thanks! There are not so many HC chars loaded on the base right now, we only have about 60 players registered. And that's not auto-updatable, so you have to enter the site from time to time in order to update your stats. I'm looking into it.

I only put the players on this topic so far, and glowsticks (the first paragon 1000 I know), so we have a comparison base.

But it's open, and everyone can put their battetag / server and see how you are on the list.

@kiza, pich is really near you right now. Go grind more! :)

@Chang, I do have ideas to create a "partial" list with only our known trolls. But I wanted to put the engine running first, so we can begin to have some traction. :)

@dolynick, precisely. I've put only this thread players initially.
Edited by Machado#1633 on 10/17/2013 12:22 PM PDT
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Ooh, this is really, really interesting! I'm glad it's open; so basically anyone can look themselves up and add to the list, just like DiabloProgress?

One thing I gotta ask: does this track your EXP to the dot? As in, if you're level 57, but you're 7.25 bars into level 58... does it only count the total EXP for level 57? Or does it count for 57.725 levels' worth of EXP?
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@Jaetch, it's open like dprog. Everyone can enter.

But I can't track the partials. Blizz does not provide this info, only the player level and paragon level, and I have to do the "round" math. So, in your example, if a player is 57 with 7.25 bars, it shows the player as 57, no more.
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forgot to say good job machado!

and gg noob jung/pens/doly. farm MOAR plz
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I would be higher up there I think. Add smoo#1952
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@smoo, you can add your BT, just put it on the "your battle tag" box on the upper-right corner of the page and click on the magnifying glass.
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Excellent script ! : )

Could I get my XP rank plz ?
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