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Hi guys, I am a new wizard. What I am wondering right now is how to use Mirror Image ability because it seems totally useless at the moment. Every time I use the ability I get 2 mirror images, 3rd being me, but monsters some how still attack the real me, its very rare that they attack the images, 95% of the times monsters come after real me. I even tried teleporting away but even then monsters just come after real me, and ignore the images entirely.

So how do you use this Mirror Image ability effectively?

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In my experience monster target the closest image (including you). If they've come over you, then you're probably the closest or you've been incredibly unlucky.

The only down side to this skill is you have no control over where you are "pushed" or "moved" on cast.. it could potentially push you straight back into desecrate/plague/etc..
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It is interesting to note that mirror images tend to run to the perimeter of the existing conflict upon being cast...meaning that as Murderma pointed out, the nearest "image" is typically YOU.
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Try it with Illusionist and Mocking Demise for some stun.. pretty effective.
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10/06/2013 08:37 AMPosted by Runswithwind
So how do you use this Mirror Image ability effectively?

I think MI effectiveness is plain random. The way to go about MI is relying on it to divert some damage, but not all damage. Say, I take 25% less damage for a few seconds because an image is tying up one out of four guys, which is useful in situations like tanking Reflect Damage packs by diverting a lot of the primary damage via MI. Overall I've found that this sort of defense is usually sufficient for good wizard builds that are based on hyper life steal. I also think MI is a good yardstick for where your defense gearing is at, that is unless you cast Frost Nova with half your attack turns.

Pairing MI with Teleport actually mitigates a lot of the downsides commonly reported. For instance, when the images don't attract enough mobs on cast, you just Teleport over a little bit to "re-roll" the aggro. Another example is, when a MI pushes you in the "wrong direction" on cast (which usually means you've cast MI far too late), you Teleport over a little bit to correct the wrong. That’s all it takes, really.

Other than Frost Nova spam, MI is the only melee skill available to wizards as a direct defense against Frozen, and Knockback/Nightmare affixes via quasi-dodge. My favorite thing about MI is how a single cast gives a longer defensive duration than, say, a single cast of FN, thereby freeing up a lot of attack turns to actually dealing damage.

One piece of advice: your own defensive stats make the images live longer. I’m often surprised by how long mine last.

Underrated and underpowered, MI is a sophisticated skill I can't live without in all my soloing builds.

10/06/2013 09:28 AMPosted by MrDuMa
Try it with Illusionist and Mocking Demise for some stun.. pretty effective.

One comment on Mocking Demise: while it’s good for an occasional "freeze" and a free APoC trigger, this is not a good rune to use if you want to lean on MI as a true defensive measure. To that end, I’ve found that Extension of Will is the most balanced rune.
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I have always been fascinated with Mirror Image cause I think the spell itself just has a such a cool idea behind it, but like they said it doesn't have the effect of an "O $hit GTFO" skill, which I why I added...

Teleport - Fracture rune into my build, basically adds teleport and basic MI, check it out, has been a ton of fun and preety effective, since I like to be close to the action I just tele a lil bit outside the pack and then my images cause the distraction I need to drop some more meteors.
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