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Most Gold you Have owned???

Whats the most gold you have owned and current stocks ?

Does not apply to those that have bought gold on RMAH !!!!!

Selling items on GAH counts.

Most: 22 Mil Current 22 Mil
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117 mil playing almost everyday since launch save for Oct-Dec 2012.
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Most: ~700m
Some flipping, but barely made anything from it and got bored of it pretty quickly. Sold two godly items for about 400m in the middle of 2012. Also did not upgrade any items at all for almost 4 months - my only expenses during that time were repair bills.
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Only proceeds from selling gear on GAH counts?

In that case most i've had at one time from strictly GAH sales was 6b.

I currently have 1b from GAH sales made last week.
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I just got sick
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Most Iv'e had at one time was around 650m
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I have had one success on the GAH - was for 300m on a pair of pants... that was as high as my balance ever got... down to loose coins again now :(
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Most for me was around 700m. AH flipper
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around 650m for me
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Most gold at one time from GAH sales was around 8b
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10/07/2013 09:31 PMPosted by Nikki
Most gold at one time from GAH sales was around 8b

Show off :-P

Most gold I've gotten on my own from GAH sales is 102 Mil since game release. Had a nice 35mil donation from a nice forum member.

I had some RMAH funds which I was planning on buying the expansion with but have now decided to go for the physical copy of the CE so will put my RMAH funds towards more gold. Guess those bliz bucks turned out to be my nest egg for loot 2.0 - lol. Not a lot there but will keep me going for when using artisans become more important.
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I've picked up just under 4m and most I've had at any one time was about 750k
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most I've had is the most recent;

- 13** DPS Skorn with 5** strength on the RMAH for $10USD
- 13** DPS Manticore with 3** dex and LS on the RMAH for $7USD
- Zuni Pox with 14* int, 6CC and 34CD for 400mil on the GAH

those are the best items I've found that I've had no use for and sold, all within the last two weeks. Finally saw some return after ~450 hours :) Now I don't know what to do with it all, I'm happy with my main (Gregor) and I think I've got enough items/gear to last me until the expac.. might do some charity work
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Until about a month ago, 60M at one time, usually have around 10M. Most I had recieved for one item was about 50M.
Sold a ring for 1.3B and that funded upgrades on 2 chars, now back down to about 120M, I just spend it all way to quick. ~1000Hrs total.
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I think my highest gold count is 1.8 bil, atm im on 1.6 bil i think........ but on 159 dollars. I strictly only sell on RMAH, never buy gold or items. :)

Also i picked up ~450-470 mil gold. :)
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most gold ive ever had at one time was like 45million, but thats all long gone, i think i have about 837k right now. i just speant it all too fast.
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1.7 bil

Had that dream drop about a month or two after the game came out and hung onto it till November and sold it for 2 bil. Decked out my Barb, Wifes DH and bro in laws monk with it. Back up to 650 odd mil now as Ive crafted some ok gear which will do till loot 2.0 and ROS come out.

The legendary was a Nats legacy helm. Second ever Legendary drop for me too at the time playing inferno. I took a screen print of it.

Here are the full stats.


78 Dex
60 Res all
319 Armor
CC 4.0
3.3% FOH
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300mill off a mempo with CC. Was hoarding it for RoS but when I found out about the AH I traded it for HC gold (125mill) and decked out my HC WD.

I since found two good items in HC and earned >100mill HC gold which if I decided to trade back to SC, would get my 300mill back (but I"m not).
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Most for me is 5bill
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