Diablo® III

1 bil to spend on 1 upgrade

Take a look at janeboo, currently paragoning her and as many wds as possible before patch.

If you have an upgrade let me know, at the moment 1 bil on hand.
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Half of your gear can get easy upgrades.

Boots are easiest part, 6 crit zuni helm, craft some good bracers and they will outdo prowlers, then I would worry about a 1b upgrade.
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6% CC Zuni Helm or Zuni Pox.
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Zuni pox is already a trifecta which are expensive enough.

When i upgrade i refuse to lose stats including armor, so upgrades are not as easy as you think.
Picky, yes i am. And trust me i have been trying for weeks to craft better bracers, but they have to make up for the vit and the all resist on my pants so i can swap pants out for innas.

Not that easy to craft 100 plus int, 200 plus vit, at least 70 all resist and 6 cc in one shot.
Ive wasted thousands of essences and always seem to fall one stat short for the bracers. I continue to try.

Looking for a chest piece that has over 800 armor on it, none n the gah, why because my off hand ring has 253 armor on it, need to make up the armor on chest so i can upgrade ring without having any armor on it.

And again my boots def easist to upgrade but with high dex, and trying to get high vit with ar and 8% posion, bad boys cost a pretty penny.

Head piece yes i know more crit, but armor ends up being to low, and so does mana, id ve willing to settle for 140 mana, but no less, 120 to 130s not gonna cut it

But being picky and choosing upgrades like this is the reason why my dh gear is currently selling on the rmah. Only 4 pieces left, sold 4 pieces in 5 days. Not bad hopefully it will keep up and all 8 items will sell before 2 week mark. Would net me around 4-500$ already past the 100$ mark with the pieces sold, the next 4 are the more expensive pieces so might take a bit longer for those.
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Ok then, upgrade your gems.

Check and mate.
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Ok then, upgrade your gems.

Check and mate.

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Since you are being picky, let's do it.

1. Zuni Vision with 280+ Int & 6%CC, 80+ Vit, 12% life, the different of 10-20 mana loss doesn't matter as you are using Skorn.
2. Zuni Boot with 190+ Int, 8% Poison, 80+ Vit, 70 AR with either 200+ Armor or PUR.
3. High DPS Skorn with at least 195% CD
4. 9/50 High Int WH with Armor/AR/Vit/Life
5. 80+ Int/ 70 AR/6% CC Lacuni
6. Rare Pant with min 150 Int/220 Vit/ 60AR / 250 Armor

Good luck, :)
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Oh wow... let's just ignore this guy then.
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you shut your mouth, jay
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