Diablo® III

*GIVEAWAY* Last Barb Set

Number of Completed Sets Left: 1
Number of Completed Sets Reserved: 2
Number of Completed Sets Given Away: 20
Number of Sets Under Construction: 0


{ My online time is restricted to 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM EST (US) until my PC gets fixed. Maybe a little longer on weekends. }

So there I was, happily slacking away when Morpheus#6524 decided that I should be more productive and dropped 1beez on me to build some sample sets for the guide. I guess my loss is your gain. Be sure to thank Morpheus for his generosity.

—————————————( About the Sets )—————————————

These are general farming sets. Although you can attempt MP10 with some of these sets, none of them were built for MP10 in mind, nor are they meant for Uber smashing.

D3rawr snapshots are on a fully buffed Paragon 0 Barbarian and socket-ed with recommended gems. Gems are not included.

—————————————( How to Win )—————————————

1. Check your Barbarian's Paragon level
2. Pick a set that correspond to his/her Paragon level and your playstyle
3. Tell us about your D3 story / journey and perhaps even your goal(s)

* There is no time limit. If we like your story and the set is an upgrade for you, you win.
* Priority will be given to players who are either new, poor or both.
* RMAH / CC warriors need not apply.
* Known forum trolls can submit stories but will not win anything. :P

—————————————( Paragon 30+ )—————————————

Rare Mace + Echoing Fury (4 IAS pieces WW set)
Set #7 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-b1NF6 --> Deleuzian#1638 reserved
Set #20 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-1TwkL --> Bisukemar#2447 reserved

—————————————( Special Set )—————————————

Last set. Tell a good story. Morph loves stories. :P

Echoing Fury + Rare Sword (4 IAS pieces WW set)
Set #13 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-k3d8N

—————————————( Q & A )—————————————

1. How do I perma-wrath?
Watch this video of a prancing Koala in heat to find out:

2. What the heck are breakpoints? And why does your set suddenly suck when I replace a piece?
Check out Cartographer's Breakpoints for Dummies:

3. Will this item be a good upgrade over the one from your set?
Simulate it on d3rawr with full buffs to find out:

A lot of bad gear gives a lot of paper/sheet DPS but is actually a downgrade because you lose a breakpoint (or two). WW barbs should check the tDPS while HotA and Rend barbs should look at the crit damage output of said skills.

—————————————( Odds & Ends )—————————————

Gems (Donated by Fourty2DNAD3#1130)
Rapide#1232 --> 20 Perfect Square Rubies

Gear Fixes
Relnor#1383 --> IAS Skorn, Inna's Temperance

Donated Sets
http://www.d3rawr.com/d-lHKZi --> Chipsfd#1755
* Gear donated by Druga#1757

Skorn - 2 IAS pieces
Set #5 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-65cG8 --> Raein#1164
Set#19 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-qkRZm --> UnluckyRage#1487
* Gear donated by wetherbee#1497 & Fourty2DNAD3#1130

Skorn - 4 IAS pieces
Set #22 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-zLF33 --> Crosse#1102

Skorn - 5 IAS pieces
Set #4 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-9jBV5 --> Rapide#1232
Set #12 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-41guf --> Stengke#6983
Set #18 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-0oZp1 --> mike#11235

Dual Wield - 2 IAS pieces
Set #2 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-0m9K2 --> Lazsurus#1199
Set #3 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-w4q1B --> Hatecore#1596
Set#16 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-WDz59 --> Stephenicus#1610
Set #23 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-yc51Q --> DeckardCain#1329
* Gear donated by MrMikeC#1256, epy#1835 & Fourty2DNAD3#1130

Dual Wield - 4 IAS pieces - Sword
Set #8 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-598X2 --> Max#1173
Set #9 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-22q9D --> Druga#1757
Set #10 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-xU7sR --> epy#1835
Set #11 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-A38Mm --> FlamingQueen#1286
Set#15 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-04WB8 --> MrMikeC#1256
Set #21 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-7fpIk --> JWill#1161

Dual Wield - 4 IAS pieces - Mace
Set #6 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-9H7kz --> Skourge#6348

[b]Dual Wield - Tyrael’s Might

Set #1 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-lsiai --> Kikalee#1783 (in-game)
* Gear donated by Hatecore#1596 | http://goo.gl/vN9Nzo
Set#17 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-ZD2i7 --> Blanklash#1466
* Gear donated by wetherbee#1497

[b]Sword & Board

Set #14 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-r4tFN --> Orbie#1256

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Hello anti-slacker :) Would i qualify for anything you might be willing to offload? :D he he jk dude. lucky guys to get sets made by Eclipse :)
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God damn eclipse! I don't want your sets! I want my babies now!

Btw you should upgrade my monk :D
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I thought Kamui volunteered to be the surrogate. I'm sure he's popping them out as fast as he can. :D

Monks are so expensive to gear. Everything feels overpriced. :P
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Paragon 40+ EF+Sword ( iguess 8-11, not sure since they arent up yet)

I started playing d3 on release day with a bunch of friends (rl and from wow) and was super excited for the game. The game was fun smashing through levels with friends, but then I reached the hell that was inferno. Pretty much this is where i had to start playing by myself.

I was originally a DH so was using the OP smokescreen to slowly but surely work through inferno. I think it took me about 5 hours to clear vota all in 1 go. Once I actually cleared it I couldnt bring myself to log off since I had been rolling 5 stacks for that long. So I continued on to kulle and spent 30 minutes getting the !@#$ kicked out of me.Turns out if you have 0 AR and 17k hp anything kulle does 1 shots you. I almost managed to beat diablo pre-inferno nerfs/everybody gets buffed party, but by this time none of my friends were even playing at all (not that it really mattered cause you couldn't really play in groups back then).

I have been back playing after most major patches (sometimes with friends, but they usually lost interest pretty fast). When the paragon patch was released I said to myself. One day I will get to p100. So every once and a while I would log on and do a dab of farming trying to get my DH paragon levels up. When the announcement for ROS came I realised it was now or never. I was pretty sad at how many hours I had logged on my DH and was only p30 something. I have never been a "lucky" or rich player. I think the best drop I found was an amulet that sold for 90m. I have usually gotten by by snipping bids and selling my old gear for more than I paid for my upgrades. With the announcement of loot 2.0 I got pretty excited cause I thought, hey i might actually be able to play the game instead of the auction house (pretty sure I spend 70% of my time "playing" this game on the auction house....in fact as i write this i'm waiting to win a bid on some iceclimbers).

So after hours and hours of smashing my head against a wall playing my DH, in all my trips back to the game i've always heard about how OP WW barbs are. This time around I decided to actually buy some gear for my barb and try it out......HOLY SH@!@!@

I think this is one of the longest stints of me actually playing the game, granted now i don't have as much time as i used to (finshed uni and actually got a job =( ). But I have some serious regrets about never playing a barb before as my passion for the game is higher than ever. Despite that, I still cant get any of my friends to come back and play and I pretty much hate multiplayer with a passion (so many people just running around gear that does 0 dmg but lets them live). My barb finally overtook my DH in plvls and as I learn more and more about barbs my exp/hr is slowly rising (up to ~100m an hour). I WILL MAKE IT TO p100. And after that, I actually see myself playing this game till the release of the exp, as even though I have no one to play with now, I'm sure some of my friends will start filtering back in as the exp comes closer and closer.

TLDR: DH makes me sad, barbs are insane.
I want to make it to p100

P.S A big thanks goes to Planet for his advise thread, ever since I discovered it I have pretty much been reading it religiously to get insight on how builds work
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Hiho, first of all, thanks for the oportunity that has been given to all of us.

I started less than a week ago, or maybe 1 week exactly im not sure... I have been playing League of legends quite hardcore, but i needed some breath and some friends of mine that play Lol with me had been playing diablo since the release. Then, one day this crazy idea grow up in my mind... We could play diablo together, it would be fun for sure, then.. i bought the game and i create a barbarian ( i love dual, i love mele and if they can tank, even more fun).

So i started leveling normal, cos they wanted me to see and go through the diablo story, they were explaning me some lore stuff from 2 and 1... Then we hit level 40, and said, lets get this fast, then they powerleveled me to 60 to begin with the farm.

And the madness begins!, i dinged 60 last friday, now, im paragon level 27 :D. The game is fun and i can farm insanely with the ww build, i love to pull HUGE packs then spin to win :D.

Well, what about me, atm i have 1 million on my pocket, i don´t like to ask for money because people sacrifice their progress for me so i try to increase my barbarian as much as i can, i don´t get any good drop to sell or atleast useful for me but i try to bid the auction to get cheap and useful items for me.

i have 110k dps, 40k hp, 450+ resist... But im in the point that i need, gems, money and luck with a good group to improve. Indeed i get into the forums looking for knowledge to get better geared, skills, and really understand how barbarian works.

My objetives right now?, have fun, learn the barbarian, understand how really works and prepare for the next expansion set, have fun with my friends and help them as much as i can, as they helped me in the start. And ofc, if i can, reach paragon level 100.

So, what im looking for?

- Obviously a set: level paragon 20 set 2, gives me 150k dps, 15k health, and im sure more stats that i need and i don´t understand yet why, i think more crit for sure, chance and hit dmg...

Maybe, i could ask for level 30 cos maybe today or tomorrow i would hit level 30 and u will read, decide this by that time... so in that case, if its posible or maybe there are less people able to get it, i could go for set 7.

I know, it could be greedy to ask for two sets, that im not doing that, im just giving a range between my hardcore right now and what maybe people is asking for, either way, i would like to ask for advise in any case... Maybe im not elegible to get a set, but i came looking for knowledge, and if u could build 13 sets, get them into the paragon range... Im sure that u could explain me how to get my way into the paragon. At this moment im not desperately looking for a set, because with my work i build more or less one that i can go hell mp5 and farm, i will keep working on my path...

So, im fine with a set, but i would be more glad if you help me with the whole barbarian thing, its nice to have some help in the path, but from my point of view, is like good for now, trouble in the future.

Thanks for the oportunity, i have being as much sincere as i could, and overall thanks for helping noobs like me.

Reading about what you wanted to know... As i said, i love dual wield, so atm im playing barbarian WW build.

Ps: sorry about the english, its not my main language :S
Ps2: Awww, this is only on the us, i just cross server forums looking for info and i didn´t saw it, since i was able to log in... Well, i left the story cos i think what u are doing is nice, anyways im still looking for some advise.
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Well, when Diablo III launched I remember being excited as hell, even though my note wasn't good for playing I tried it in lowest res possible, it was still awful (but who cares, I waited so long since D2, in fact still played it), but I persisted. Well, it resisted while it could, and atfer reaching inferno's Azmodan it broke and I wanted to buy a better computer, but other necessities got in the way.

Almost a year passed on, and I couldn't bare to touch or think about the game. It was too sad for me, especially with my cousin playing like a maniac and reaching all levels, discovering everything there was in the game, and wouldn't shut up about it for me.

In July I went to NY, and finally decided I deserved a new note and Diablo again. I worked hard this year, trying to balance and hold through personal issues and living far from my family in another city. I tottaly deserved in my mind.

So I started again, and was brilliant. It is brilliant. Rocked a Barbarian in D2, and so far even though I've played a little with the Monk and DH, and can't stop getting back.

I had a big help from the cousin I've told about, he hook me up with some gear because I was getting destroyed in Inferno, but I wanted the barbarian I use to be all mine. Still there's much to discover in the game, since there's not long that I came back, (tips for purchases in the AH, secret levels, ubers...) but hey, that's the fun, right?

I'm currently at Paragon 18, so I would like to apply for any set at Paragon 20 and beyond, not much picky.

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Hello there! Nice initiative you got there!
Well I'm a Paragon 21 Barb atm, started last month and a friend helped abit to start but has now reached his limit money-wise XD Since I'm using a Skorn build atm, wouldn't mind getting some sets for Paragon 20+! Also, could try dualwield again since I've been 2-handing since lvl 46!
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Will only be checking submissions and replying to questions after the d3rawr snapshots are done. @_@
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edit: Paragon 8 now, but I guess I'd be picking the Paragon 5+ set!

Hi, Paragon 6, I stopped playing shortly after Paragon was patched in, after I finally downed Inferno Diablo.

I was pretty dissatisfied with farming, it felt so unrewarding. I had other games in my backlog like Borderlands 2 that I was dying to play, anyway. Fast forward a year, and the console version is getting released. My interest in D3 was renewed. I love the console version. Not just the loot drops, but the interface, the controller, it's almost like another game.

But more than anything, it renewed my interest in the PC version. With Loot 2.0 on the horizon and RoS, I think D3 could be amazing, and I want to get back into the game. I still feel my PC barb is my "main". I want to try to at least get a hellfire ring upgrade and as many Paragon levels as I can before RoS. I used your budget guide to go shopping with the 5M I had left when I stopped playing (the Blade of the Warlord was a mistake, trying to find a good deal on an Echoing Fury). The guide alone more than doubled my dps, and for less gold than I spent over a year ago putting together a loh set.

That's my story, thanks for reading!
Edited by Druga#1757 on 10/9/2013 7:44 PM PDT
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Kamui left me :(
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Yeah... I heard that unfaithful cur went back to WoW. The nerve! :P

@Everyone else
I'm off to bed. Will finish up snapshotting the last two sets when I wake up.
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Hello I would be interested in any of the paragon 30 sets I have been playing for about a month I want to say? I just got back from deployment in July had spaced this game was out it came out right before I left for the first of my back to back deployments on my ship. One of my buddies asked me if I had played it yet and then I went out and bought it I think my guy is coming along pretty well but I would really like to give this Skorn back to my buddy that found it and gave it to me until I find something better. He had given me a pair of ice climbers but I found a pair of fire walkers today they were a downgrade but I just wanted him to have his boots back so he could sell them or do whatever with them.

The most gold I ever had was 19 million after I found a gold skin while farming Tome of Jewel crafting to level up my JC. Used that gold to buy flawless square gems and power up all my gems to the point they are at. Figured Gems are forever while gear that I was wearing at the time was replaced. Slowly but surely keep upping my gems I keep every flawless square ruby I find to level it.

Trying to find upgrades has been challenging as upgrades for me seem to be through the roof. I have lucked out with some nice amulet and glove crafting were massive upgrades over old gear. The most gold I ever had was 19 million after I found a gold skin while farming Tome of Jewel crafting to level up my JC. Used that gold to buy flawless square gems and power up all my gems to the point they are at. Figured Gems are forever while gear that I was wearing at the time was replaced. Slowly but surely keep upping my gems I keep every flawless square ruby I find to level it.

My goal for diablo 3 is to solo Uber MP10 and everything else and hit paragon level 100 with at least my barbarian. I started a wizard and lost interest pretty quick (level 11). I like being in there smashing heads.

I would also like to go back to DW I leveled as DW and would like to return to it. It was alot of fun but I couldnt pass up a 50k dps upgrade for free.

Currently Paragon 37

A little about me:
26 years old
Been in the Navy for 4 years
Stationed in Florida
Deployments are very dull a ship might seem big from the outside but after spending 11 of 13 months at sea that ship seems to get smaller and smaller.
Delivered Pizzas for 4 years after highschool lived with my parents wrecked my car on a pizza delivery and decided I needed a drastic change so I joined the Navy.
Regret my decision some days think its great other days.
Barbarian was my favorite Class in Diablo 2. Did not consider any other class to start with

Thanks for your time, and really respect the fact that you guys are giving out gear to people.
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I don't really need the gear but it whould be nice to have a set. but I have a friend that could use the set. thanks, I could tell him about it or you could give the gear to me to give him if I get any. thanks
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I guess I should have actually waited till the sets were posted. Ah well, it was a good way to pass the time while waiting for the auction timer. These are all really well built sets, whoever wins them will be very lucky.

Onwards to improving my barb the hard way.

P.S WTB MS iceclimbers and better rng crafting luck.
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Thanks for sharing your story. Too bad none of the sets are an upgrade for you. :(

I think you just need to roll a new pair of bracers with better chc plus less Fear on the EF. The rest are pretty much straight upgrades (more expensive version with better stats).

EF+Sword combo would be more suited for a WW / HotA hybrid build rather than a HotA build (you'll need a higher DPS offhand for pure HotA).

Take inspiration from PhatPhoEater#1370 --> http://www.d3rawr.com/d-76cP5


Shame that you're on EU. You would have qualified for a set. :)

For a low budget WW, I would suggest starting off with 2 IAS pieces (Helm + Lacuni is my preferred combo) using a high DPS EF on mainhand + rare sword stat stick on offhand. They're cheaper to build and less compromise is needed on AR/Vit/Str (they also have more eHP than the higher end sets thanks to the Blackthorne's).

These sets were built for under 20m (excluding gems). About 70% of the items were bought through bids. Price will likely differ on the EU AH.

Set #2 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-0m9K2 (9m)
Set #3 -- http://www.d3rawr.com/d-w4q1B (17m)

The difference between the P30 and P40 sets I'm giving away are the AR. I went for more base AR on the P40 sets. Both have similar DPS (I try to balance things out so they don't differ too much). These were built at a cost of 70m - 90m (excluding gems). Quite squishy compared to the budget sets.

If you want solid eHP like Set #2 and #3 while dealing the same DPS, then you can use Set #13 (cost ~160m excluding gems) as a guide.


Will be replying + checking rest of the submissions later.
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Thanks for the tips eclipse. I do normally run WW/Hota, i was just doing some ubers last night.

My current plan is to buy some MS iceclimbers and get a better craft on bracers since i just moved away from lacunis. Also trying to get an IAS hellfire so i can go trifecta gloves to hit the 2.5bp again.

Kind of regretting moving my lacunis before i found iceclimbers, missing that 12% MS feels like im riding a bike instead of a car. Alas I didn't have enough money(still dont after selling the lacunis) to buy the iceclimbers without selling the bracers.
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Yeah. Once you get used to 24% MS, 12% MS just doesn't cut it anymore. :(


Your cousin hooked you up with a pretty solid gear set. What I have to give isn't going to be an upgrade.

You only need to make these minor tweaks and you'll shoot up from your current 1.5m tDPS to 2.1m tDPS vs Elite (full buff with Brawler instead of Bloodthirst).

1. Swap position of EF with the rare sword
2. Switch Glamour Drive rare ring to a 6% Cold Damage / 30% Bonus vs Elite Stone of Jordan (you have excess IAS)

Might want to grab a new IK Helm with 50-60+ AR since your current AR is a tad low. Amulet is going to be hard to replace due to the AR and Vit.

Set 1 -- your current set
Set 2 -- weapon swapped
Set 3 -- weapon swapped + SoJ in place of Glamour Drive



Your current set is pretty tanky although it's 2% IAS shy of the 1.67 APS breakpoint in WotB. The sets here would be a major eHP downgrade for you. You can consider dropping War Cry unless you're helping out in a party -- Overpower: Killing Spree would give you a bigger DPS boost.

Are you still planning to run HotA/Rend after switching to dual wielding? We'll consider your request nonetheless.


Glad you found the guide useful. :)

I'd be happy to reserve the P20 dual wielding set for you. It'll be a big upgrade (almost doubling your tDPS). Just get yourself to at least Paragon 16 and we'll hook you up.


*Taking a short break*
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Thanks for sharing. :)

Pick one of the sets between #6 - 11. After that we'll need to change up your skill a little. :)


Your friend will need to post here. We don't want the sets to be resold or left unused.

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Glad you found the guide useful. :)

I'd be happy to reserve the P20 dual wielding set for you. It'll be a big upgrade (almost doubling your tDPS). Just get yourself to at least Paragon 16 and we'll hook you up.


*Taking a short break*

Woah, that would be awesome! I'll be working on P16, thanks!
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