Diablo® III

Wizard vs Barbarian eDPS discrepancy

The fastest barb ghom time that I know of is under 9 seconds. The fastest public one is under 11.


Good HotA barb is going to be easily 15x over unbuffed sheet DPS, dtww is still going to be well over 10. We don't normally talk about multipliers because there are too many variables at play to boil it down like that.

But to be fair, SoJ is basically standard fare for a barb, whereas its a rarity for wizards.
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Sadly they make us stack so much ias to even function well it's difficult to incorporate without using IAS wand and killing DPS. Then you also lose much needed AR and or LOH slot wearing soj.

From what you are saying @ 10x it's a less than me with soj. More for HOTA.
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Yeah, that's why I've always said SNS gearing is on a completely different level of difficulty compared to barb whenever barbs say "we have breakpoints to worry about, too!"

2h barb gearing is almost comparable because it requires very aggressive IAS stacking as well.

Needing only 4 slots of IAS for the standard 2.5 makes gearing very straightforward and stacking EHP very easy even along with a SoJ.

But for dual wielding, once you get used to playing it, you'd be surprised at just how low of a breakpoint you can go down to. Honestly even the 1.68 aps that you get from dual wielding maces and having zero IAS on gear is perfectly workable for permawrath. You won't get too far playing SNS at 1.65 aps, not after all of the proc coefficient nerfs.

That's why I had imagined that for them to nerf permawrath would be extremely difficult, and they responded by removing it altogether.
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