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Free diablo 1 and hellfire expansion download

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04/03/2014 06:54 PMPosted by triscuit
Except the part about running in town, the added monk class, new item affixes, eight more dungeon levels with quests, oils to change item stats, new spells, shrines and items.
No, all of these are terrible design in Diablo 1. Most were buggy... Did you know that there were additional classes in Hellfire as well? You can edit a text file to enable them. Barbarian and Bard. The Barb ISN'T the Warrior class.

But either way, Hellfire sucked as a game. You couldn't even play it online, and it was never officially supported by Blizzard. Stats didn't matter, either, as they were still capped. You could get stat potions without Hellfire and reach maximums (based on class).

Finally, the monsters introduced were uninspired, cliché, and didn't work with Diablo mechanics. I mean, just about EVERYTHNG exploded (hit you with damage). It was not a fun experience.
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i cant play diablo 1 on full screen on windows 8 can some one help me
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whats the website that gives the download?
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I have disc-based copies of Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft, and Warcraft War Chest. Entering the codes for any of these EXCEPT Diablo 1 will add them to your Battle.net account.

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"Belzebub", yes that's the correct spelling. Check it out, it's a massive over haul mod for Diablo 1. Probably the most fun I''ve ever had with Diablo 1!

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This reminds me of the Insurrection campaign expansion pack for StarCraft.
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Sweet Jesus, I hate the internet. And by the internet, I mean YOU PEOPLE. Blizzard sure as !@#$ owns the rights to Diablo, and it sure as %^-* says as much when you boot up the game, look at the disc, or purchase it in the Diablo 2 Battle Chest which is sure as !@#$ on store shelves right now. The game isn't abandonware in the slightest, it is still being sold at retail. They don't maintain Battle.net servers for it anymore, but you can still LAN/IP like most people always did anyways.

Hellfire was developed by Synergistic Software and published by Sierra, because Blizzard was busy working on DIablo 2. As such it isn't official, supported, or available for purchase. Hellfire IS abandonware. If you still want to play the original, you are going to go it alone, or on a private network. What do you want, the game is over 20 years old?
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Free hurray!
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So is there any chance of getting that link? =D
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A simple internet search after "Hellfire download abandonware" will get you to it eventually. You might also want to check this link: http://khanduras.net/2014/04/repo-strangebytes-ddraw-dll-win7vista-patch/

There are a lot of mods for D1 and Hellfire available. Again, internet search is your friend :)
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