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Definitive way to fix modding/duping +offline

The "bug" in question is exploitation of trading mechanics and obtaining modded gear and thus ultimately destroying the experience and achievements for legit players.

So recently I gave this problem some thought and here is a possible way to fix modding/duping while still having offline play:

1. Savegames are still stored locally but are now protected and can't be copied/replaced
2. Online savegame servers run by Blizzard would need to be created
3. When you go online the savegame will be synced with the savegame server
4. If you want to restore the savegame, over at your friend' place or if you have a new console, it is being pulled from the savegame server

This fixes savegame modding.

5. Trading and picking-up dropped items/gold works only permanently after the savegame server confirms the proccess which immediatly modifies both players' savegames online

This fixes duping in online mode.

6. You can only trade/drop items/gold offline which you found after the last time you were in an online game
7. All offline players' profiles need to be saved at the same time

This fixes duping in offline mode.

Q: I don't get it, how does it fix modding?
A: People have no way of accessing the protected savegames other than with a jailbroken console which does not let you connect online after you have jailbroken it. You would need to restore it first and if you do that you lose all local protected savegames.

Q: How does the online dupe fix work in detail?
A: There are three scenarios when players trade/drop items:
S.1: Both players shut the console down: the trade/item drop will neither be saved on the savegame server nor on both local savegames and therefore the trade essentially did not happen.
S.2: Player A shuts the console down while player B's savegame gets saved: So for player A the trade/item drop did not happen as his local savegame was not changed. However when player A goes online the trade/item drop will actually happen for him as well. There is no way for player A to pass and therefore dupe the item offline due to point 6. He could only sell/salvage it offline first before going online.
S.3: Both players' profiles get properly saved. The trade did happen and all is well.

Q: How does the offline dupe fix work again?
A: If all players' profiles get saved at the same time then duping items found offline can not happen. The additional safety to prevent players from trading/dropping items which they acquired before the last time they were online exists in order to stop them from passing and therefore duping items after an attempted online dupe.

Q: Why is there an additional offline dupe fix?
A: This is necessary so that no duped items can find their way into online mode.

Q: What if I want to give my items to my friend in local coop?
A: This should work if you have online access by syncing and then connecting with the savegame server described in point 5. Obviously if the player's item already was traded online but he shut down the console (as described in a previous answer S.2) then this new trade should fail. Also if don't have online access then you can still trade/drop items which you found since the last time you were online.

Q: What if you continue to play with your profile on your friend's and on your own console without syncing with the savegame server?
A: Well if you go online with both of them then the savegames will be synced twice meaning that you have to choose which one of those you want to overwrite or with which one you better stay offline.

Q: What if I want to play with my friend on this friend's console which does not ever have online access.
A: That is the only downside. You probably have to create a new profile at your friend's console for that.

Q: Does this mean we can no longer backup savegames ourselves?
A: Yes. This makes it mandatory that savegames never get corrupted, especially the ones on the server.

Q: What if the online savegame servers go down?
A: Then players can no longer trade. However they can still drop items but others can't actually pick them up.

Q: What about our current characters?
A: Unfortunately our current savegames can't be verified to be correct due to being non-protected. Therefore the mentioned solution would need to be implemented as a different play mode similar to hardcore where all players would need to start from scratch.

Q: But people could get back hardcore characters from the online server after they die?
A: Yes, just as easy as it is now with local backups on an usb stick. Blizzard could however now implement instantly saving and syncing with the server to make sure that your character is dead in 99% of the cases when you died while being online, not that I am suggesting that.

Q: Does the duping fix also work with gold and similar stuff?
A: Yes.

Q: Sounds good, but isn't that solution too expensive for Blizzard?
A: I hope not, since they would not need to host any games, except for the item trading/dropping aspects, but only the savegames which are just a bunch of kilobytes. So it would likely be cheaper than the Diablo 2 servers.

It would be nice if some blue can pass my thoughts onto the devs.
Thanks for the awesome game.
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The cost and logistics of this would be quite a bit to setup and implement.

The question: Will it increase revenue for Blizzard?

Answer: Unlikely. Even if it does would it be enough to recoup the costs of setting up and maintaining this system? Unlikely.

I don't know of many people that did not or will not buy the game due to the cheating. There are plenty of us around that do not do so and enjoy the game well enough to create a working community that you can enjoy sans cheating.
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If you're going to set up a save game server, you might as ell just set it up as an online only server so that no offline characters can ever mingle with any online only characters. This also solves most of the problems in a much more elegant fashion.
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I don't see this happening. Blizzards main selling point was that, it allowed you to take your saved games to your friends house and couch co-op.

And just so you know, even with a jailbroken PS3 you can still play online if you know what you're doing.
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you wasted your breath, this is something that will go on for some time just like in the Borderlands games.
besides players are pissed by the corrupted autosave issue, so i am sure they are happy to dupe items that will just get lost anyway.
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I'm pretty sure you are wrong on several counts, but I'm certain you are wrong on one. You don't need a jailbroken Xbox to use or produce modded gear. All you need to produce it is a USB flashdrive formatted to work as a memory card. All the new 360s require one if you want to use a memory card, and the old 360s are compatible with them. And then all you have to do is plug them into your PC. Xbox won't know the difference.

And to use it, all you need is someone to give a modded gear to you. You can wield the AzureLame without ever knowingly cheating.
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There is a much easier way for fixing duping, which doesn't even require a server.
See: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10195020714
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There is an easier way guys, they could simply put a auto save after trade and on drop of items because when they dashboard it hasn't saved so they still have the items but with an auto save it's saved as soon as they drop therefore fixing the duping even though there is no real way to fix the game now because of every person have modded azure wrath so there is no reason to play I think the game is dead.
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Blizzard would never, ever create servers for the consoles. They allowed this game for consoles to make a buck is all (and it shows by the same exact bugs found in the PC being found in the console version) and creating servers would cost them money. Not a chance they would do that.
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