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improve my hc dh

I play hc only and have really enjoyed playing my dh recently. Can anyone recommend some obvious items upgrades I could go for to increase my sheet dps without a massive survivability hit. I currently have around 96k sheet dps.

Thanks! :)
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With all that mf and gf, you look like you're farming low mp at the moment? I think you will have to lose some of it if you want to improve your dps & ehp stats.

How about replacing oculus ring with litany?

You will lose the vit, but you gain dmg reduction against elites, and some life regen. Always good to have that. And for dps you get an extra 4.5cc.

I also think crafting bracers would be a priority. And the mempo deserves better than a flawless square amethyst.
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yeah i've been farming mp1/2 trying to build some bank. Just had crafted 20 or so bracers and come up with a new pair, gave me a 6k damage upgrade which was a nice start.
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Trying Crafting Shoulders and Bracers with Vitatlity AR and Dex (and CC for bracers). Both of them can be significantly upgraded
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There are more things to consider in HC than just eHP and DPS..

Here's my suggestion :

Take out Vault and put in guardian turret. Shadow power and Guardian turret and smoke screen combo will save you in waller / arcane/ plague / molten/ mortar situations with extra defense..

Vault is not needed ( I don't say this lightly because it is HC ). With 30 Discipline you really can't use too many Disc. spenders.

I see you rely on Shadow power - Not 100% reliable. There are many situations where shadow power will not work when you need it to the most.

Smoke screen is a much better choice. 1- zero damage while smoke screen. 2 - Mobs will ignore you when you activate smoke screen = less arcane beams etc.. 3 - You can get away from Fast affixes with smoke screen due to the fact that you do loose AGRO.. 4 - You can NOT get away from mobs with vault. Fast and Teleport will always catch you if you vault..

Consider Strafe instead of RF . Strafe has more AoE. Strafe and smoke screen at the right time ensures you will NEVER be surrouned..

Absolutely must rely on Shadow power less. 700 LoH plus Windforce is a great combo. It will reduce your Shadow power usage by 2/3s when paired with Strafe - demolition and either Entangling shot - shock colar or Cinder Arrow.

So basically setup turret - fire off Cinder Arrow till they get close. Strafe and smoke screen to keep a safe gap. With your current gear and setup. MP3 to MP5 should be no problem at all.

You should be able to farm MP3 as fast as MP1 currently... But to be safe test it out in Weeping Willows first. Mobs are slower and you will need to get use to this. Start with MP1 and then slow go up to MP3.

Gearing optimization:

Strafe chest / ES / HA quiver / Inna belt with Armor is just as good ( vit too if possible) / SoJ has the best eDPS/eHP plus extra discipline never hurts.. it doesn't show up on paper but it does alot of damage ..

Keep crafting bracers and shoulders and gloves. My strategy is vit shoulders / vit bracers / dex glove and dex amulet combo.

Things you are doing well -

60k HP with Boar is great combo for eHP plus life regen.
Emeralds and Amythes are always good combo. Use gems to maintain you DPS and eHP.. nothing wrong with mixing it up to get your desired goal.

Add me in game. I have a DH that is about your lvl. Would love to run with you in HC ..
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eHP strategy :

Damage reduction 101 -

Look at armor and see how much %damage reduction you have ( for example - 55% damage reduction? )
Look at lowest All Resist. and see how much %damage reduction do you have? ( 60% damage reduction as a example)

in this case, because you have less damage reduction from Armor ( 55%) as compared to 60% from all reisist, you will get more by adding to armor.

More is always better of course but there's little point in getting more all resist if 66% damage reduction from all resist and have 2500 armor with only 40% damage reduction from armor.

Anyways stay safe and have fun !
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Death has taught BlackVenom much. Good advice.
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U could also jump the bandwagon and get urself a decent manticore w/ dual socket, dex and adout 30% dmg. I bid sniped mine for 50 mil. A nats mark will get u some some more crit as well. I prefer the 4 piece bonus. Coz i find the extra disc helpful for farming keys on mp 5+. Bola and spike trap is my spec for high mp. For low mp 1 or 2 its ball lightning.

Ive had 3 dh die thru rubberband lag. The last one died on mahgda mp10 ubers after killimg skelly king. Rubberband lag to 3 butterflies lol!

Gl bro!
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@chainkjuice - can't blame lag all the time. I can play through 1:35 seconds worth of lag no problem. it's DC that kills me though and server kick outs that kill me.

strategy against lag - use 800 LoH and Cinder Arrow. When you lag just shoot Cinder Arrow as you move away from things like arcane / plague etc.. when the lag ends your cinder arrow will auto target mobs and restore you full health. Hopefully you can smoke screen ASAP. 1.5 seconds with Cinder Arrow w/ LoH is full health at 60k hp..

Cinder arrow and Entangling shot - shock colar and Strafe - demolition are the few skills with over 100% plus proc. rate for LoH. Others just don't give you enough life return to make it worth it.
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