Diablo® III

Blizzard, please give me a reason to buy your expansion

Diablo is not the game for you my friend.
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Can't fix stupid.
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Just Go away......
Why in the hell would you buy a game where you are intended to kill monsters to farm loot if you didn't want to kill monsters to farm loot.... players like you are toxic to this game if for no other reason than that you are feeding the instant gratification kiddies with rich parents to pump money into the rmah and whine when they cant auto-win everything.

To those of you saying they've got a wife and kids and all..... making money is what jobs are for, i know that must be such a new and terrifying concept but believe it or not games like this aren't about making money...
Games are suppose to be for fun, so ive got a quick solution for all you people... dont like this kind of game (and the fact that they are trying to get back to its roots), dont play the game and instead find something else you enjoy playing.

Making money is what jobs are for and im not going to argue that its not nice to make a few extra bucks on the side but its not what a game is suppose to be about, so maybe put more effort into your job as far as making money is concerned and as far as games are concerned. Dont like this style of game, dont play this style of game. That simple.
If you have, on the other hand, made this game your job for some reason there will always be people willing to pay for items in-game.... you just wont have as convient an interface for it (hey, look at it this way, no ah cut)
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@CompleatWych; Yes, this, thankyou. This this this, one million times this
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This is why we need pvp
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If you're getting burnt out, don't play so often. I hop on an hour here and there and enjoy myself.
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This thread is actually kind of hilarious...

"Game is so bad, that the only reason I continued to play was because of the AH"


"The AH had too much of an influence on the game, resulting in a bad game"

Sounds like most people agree that the game is bad, but some don't care because they had the chance to make real money from it, and some just want a game that they consider "good".
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TL;DR - I don't get the satisfaction you want me to from killing Diablo for the 18th time, nor from the "great feeling of getting that perfect drop". I get that great feeling of getting the perfect drop that someone else will shell out $20, $50, hell, $200 for. I'm not going to buy the new expo, and I may even uninstall D3, if a compromise isn't made for D3, whether that is re-instating the gold auction house at least or even separate servers where BOTH AH are still available. No game has ever made me want to become a gold seller or use a 3rd party auction house website before, but Diablo III did it. I hate seeing spam messages and the Starcraft 2 Friend Requests with price lists I'm constantly getting, but your removing the Auction House has legitimately made me want to become one of them. Please come up with at least a compromise.

P.S. Because I'm sure someone's going to bring it up (I've seen it multiple times on these forums and on the Reddit threads), asking for a server for AH isn't the same as asking for self-found servers. You guys can play self-found, on your own, while the AH still exists, by just pretending it doesn't. We can't play "Auction Mode" by pretending the Auction House DOES exist, unless we resort to third-party websites. Which, newsflash, is exactly what people like me are going to do, if we buy the expansion at all.

All of the QQ'ing in the world will not save the AHs. Even a separate server will not help and I will explain. Within about 1-3 months time everyone would already have the gear that they want for their characters and they would be complaining about loot 2.0 being a failure. Because the loot in the AH would be way better than what you can find on your own. There is no way that any loot system can beat a fully functional AH. That is unless you kill the purpose of the AH for being there. By making it rain BiS gear with near perfect rolls. But doing that would also kill the loot hunt game.
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