cant post this on the wow forum
since im not payin for pandas

ANYWAYS, ppl want a wow movie, but its hard to make a film any adult could take
seriously. the source material complex as it may be, does not lend itself to the deeper minded.

now many other ppl would much rather see a DIABLO movie, and who is to argue?
it would be more dark and scary, but would blizzard ever go the extra mile and make it rated R?
if not..then frankly it shouldnt be made

i say meet in the middle, make a wow movie but tell a story thats so dark and serious
that an adult audience...namely the walking dead audience can get into it.

tell the origin story of the scarlet crusader
with mograine and his murderous son and everybody in between
basically make it a Medieval zombie apocalypse film.
its a story we've all heard about but with pretty much EVERY detail
left out
it could be written and deviated from with almost no threat to the game canon.
because all it would really be is the story of how a faction of people survived the zombie apocalypse

personally, seeing a bunch of dirty bloody guys in plate mail walking down the streets of a burned out city with swords and torches in the middle of the night would be a highly interesting visual for me.

anyways, tell me what u think.
is that something you would like to see?