Diablo® III

Int Bonus Rage

I come here today to rage because of how little defense bonus intelligence gives :D

I have to give up intelligence points to add dexterity, because dexterity adds so much more protection that I need it...I need to dodge. Shouldn't that sheet be equal, like 100 str gives as much protection as 100 dex and 100 int? How come int gives the worst protection bonus of them all?

100 int gives 10AR. REALLY? Why not 15AR? Why not 18AR? Because an idiot developper thought 10 was a round number and so it was adequate?


kk done raging.
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Wait, one other thing. When I hold down both the meteor and the explosive blast, explosive blast doesnt spam, I have to tap it real fast for it to work. This evil conception from Blizzard is sex positive because the fast tapping promotes mast3rbation so I would never let my doooter play this game :D
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I actually think the Int bonus is much stronger than the Dex bonus in PvP. I mean most of the lethal attacks that you encounter are non-dodgeable attacks. Bats, Haunt, Rend, EP, etc. I would much rather have more raw EHP than buffed dodge EHP.

Although my style is heavily luck based (Crits), I try and take all the other luck out of the equation. Stack as high of CC as possible, and only have the bare minimum to maximize raw damage and EHP. Just my opinion on the whole matter.
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They could ignore mitigation too for what I know, this game is a monument is bad ideas.
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I wana build a monument:

D3: The game that never was.

Written in big capital letters.

They should just skip to D4 man wtf. I take the blame. I liked d2, so I thought D3 would be cool too and bought it. FINE. I got trolled but I mean...when do I get to play Diablo? Blizzard trolled me FINE, I'll live with it but I want my game back.

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