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what should i look to upgrade? i know i need better gloves and a nat's ring with crit damage (but that's super expensive) and better gems (which is also expensive). the gloves i'm not too worried about b/c if i craft enough i'll eventually get some good ones. pretty much if you were me running my build what would you change. my budget is 560 mil but i'd rather not spend all of it if possible

also what would the pros/cons be if i switched to blackthornes legs and belt instead of innas or should i go with a witching hour
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Ok, bud, here's what you do.

Get that Manti gemmed with marquis gems. Buy a nice WH. Keep Inna's Pants.
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You can buy a lot of upgrades cheap if you camp the AH day by day, refreshing the page constantly.
Look around the forums open people's profile and look at the their gear to give you an idea, then go to d3up.com, upload your character and start simulating your gear. Saves you a lot of gold so you dont keep upgrading each piece over and over.
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Blackthornes is a slightly defensive-oriented set. You'll do better keeping Inna's unless you need the eHP and LoH from Blackthornes. WH might work better than Inna's belt because you don't benefit from the holy damage as much with a Manticore.
Your Manticore can use an upgrade. Find one with more base DPS and more % weapon damage to increase the weapon DPS boost from the ruby.
You can also upgrade your DML, which is not too hard to find one with 300+ dex, and 11%+ Bola shot bonus.
Something like this: http://d3up.com/i/16455669 is fairly affordable (because it's less than 20% IAS and no vit roll) and well within your budget (costs well under 100m). That's what I have, although I'm planning to sell it to move to dual-wielding permanently.
And lastly, upgrade all your emeralds to radiant star.
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