@ Nubtro

In my opinion DH sweetspot (solo with good gear and solid bomardment-spec) is "speedfarming" MP8.

I used to play MP7 before 1.08 with Echoing Blast, Bola and Jagged Spikes.

For buffs in woods I change to SOJ and crafted trifecta gloves to keep the 1.82 breakpoint (like 4 buffs in 2 min) and pulling in fields is a blast with that extra Dis and Movement Speed.

With some routine I replaced the bat with beastly bombs for that extra killing speed on elites and massdestruction in fields (+extra aggro in crypt).

Only thing I saw that looked more efficient with DH (and without nyan stuff :p) was Imprezas Vid in Oasis Act 2, MP10 with all Damage Passives. But its more fun to move like a true hunter with (perma) tumble/TA. My choice is full new nats with Dis on cloak and Invigoration + Vengeance with some pickup.

After sticking with DH only for so long I also started Barb now for those MP10 Exp-Runs (but with most Elites ;-)