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Angiris Council in ROS / Pick your Guardian

I just want to make clear that I am not a religious person nor ever liked angels. But Diablo III made me fall in love with it - they are so well designed with those cinematics, lore, Tyrael sacrifice, models, armour, voice acting, wrath animated video... So I've been wondering: the only archangel that actually intervened (so far) was Tyrael, however Auriel (and possible Itherael) seemed like they would begin, now, intervene to help humanity (note sure about that). What plot do you think that the Angiris Council will play in ROS? Will the other angels finally listen to Tyrael since he represents wisdom now? .. Ok let's play a game (the objective of this game is to learn more about the angiris council and what people feel towards these angels): pick one angel from the council to be your Guardian-Angel, like if your life depends on it, that angel would be with you all the time, watching over you. Tell everyone why you've picked that one. I will start it:
(Choice) Auriel (Why) I really felt in love with that angel, because it would be awesome to have her comforting when most needed and she would give me hope when I would easily give up. She also seemed to be very powerful when locking up diablo with chains in the animated video and of a great consciousness agreeing with Tyrael about not killing Diablo.
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Imperius the Archangel of Valor, because I need courage and determination to achieve the goals I aim for and stand face to face with my fear.
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Look at his name "Imperius" - an archangel that impose his authority. He is unique among the other angels and that's his pride. Courage, determination, bravery are defining terms to that golden emperor. If he guards you fiercely as he guards the heavens, It would be the best pick among all angels. I really feel like he's going to change his concept over humanity in ROS - that would be awesome.
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Yeah, interesting Angel but I'm searching for guidance in the aspects I mentioned :) I don't want to impose authority as I am more of a friendly person.

I'm curious about his future, there are three ways of his development:

1) He accepts humanity and Tyrael, works with them.

2) His pride is wounded and he wants some kind of retribution.

3) He remains the same or even joins Malthael.
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I would enjoy to fight him as boss (not to kill), just to shut him up and makeup his mind somehow to make him stand with Tyrael and humanity without changing his personality, like ok let's stand together but you won't tell me what to do. Wouldn't appreciate to see him dying.
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Forget the angels. Lilith all the way. She understands the conflict between Heaven and Hell is an absurd, never ending war of pride and arrogance. She will use both good and evil to achieve her ends, and sees past petty factions. She's the mother of the witches in that sense.
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Auriel angel of Hope, I don't like violence and I love her way :p
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Tyrael, probably. I love the concept of an eye for an eye and karmic retribution.

Imperius is too brash, arrogant, and proud. Only Tyrael (male) and Auriel (female) embody classical angelic qualities.
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Ithereal, although he may not be the most transparent of characters, his calm and objective viewpoint is always welcome. Plus he knows what will happen in the future so basically he can be an early warning system. After all, the best solution to a problem is to never have it at all.
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