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10/17/2013 01:12 PMPosted by jenpeezey
Anyone else going to BlizzCon?

If I was in America I would probably go. Is it always at the end of the year? Maybe I can look into taking holidays around then and making a trip over.
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Hello follow wiz!

I'm Sean, network engineer for an ISP in Texas. I was competitive in such games like quake, q2, quake3arena. I was |VenoM| and the best i ever done at quakecon 2000 was making it into the top 16th bracket to be double eliminated and ranked 17th that year. 36 now ... i'm a casual player.

i will always be a blizzard fanboy. i absolutely miss my undead warlord shadow priest. the grind was painful and i missed high warlord by a week before burning crusades. =(

http://i44.tinypic.com/2u55jq9.jpg - miss em =`(
http://i41.tinypic.com/28bvi3l.jpg - anathema for life

*waves* to all the players i've met on the battlegrounds

preordered d3 before launch, didn't get to play it until dec. first char was a WD, but fell in love with the wiz.
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About a year ago my mother, who is 80, spent 3 days in ICU with pneumonia, so I put my entire house in storage, and moved into her place, to stay here with her until she decides to leave.
As someone who has had to help out and support family in a similar manner, I salute your willingness to put family first.

Sh1t I missed this on the first run.

Stone - I'd like to give you some acknowledgement for your actions. The worlds need more of you.
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Hello folks,
Angel from Massachusetts, comp repair shop owner for 25 yrs. Nearing the half century mark in age. Have been playing games from arcade days (pinball) thru our wonderful and yet sometimes frustrating Diablo series. Play a lot of solo on D3 some friends here and there make an occasional drop on a pub and level up a few ppl for fun. Archon by nature arcane mines for laughs. Might jump into the whole mumble thing just to match voices with people.

I have enjoyed all the info from here and some even made sense lol

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10/23/2013 01:04 PMPosted by skelious
Angel from Massachusetts

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Lmao Flo i have never seen that vid ty for the link my family was rolling.
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10/23/2013 01:54 PMPosted by skelious
Lmao Flo i have never seen that vid ty for the link my family was rolling.

I saw this morn and was like, "OMG tooo funny! who do I know in Maschhauchui, Masakkookious?"
; )
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