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Bot friend requests

Unless there is a way to avoid them, I think Blizzard should add a feature where you have to type a code prior to sending a friend request, I just get tired of declining 20 requests a day. Opinions?
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For some reason I've never had more than 2 bot friend request w/in a couple days.

I don't know if this will help you, but being at the max, 100, friends also prevents you from receiving future friend requests.
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Even better, every time you create a game you should type a code. Or maybe just every 5 game or whatever.

I would be okay with this though. Not seeing that many bot friend requests however, More like 20 in 6 months.
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I personally don't think ill ever get 100 friends as I only keep active friends on my list, but i may have exaggerated, I get about 5 a day, but still, when you dont play every day, they add up, and it's just annoying.

Typing a code before you make a game will reduce, but not eliminate completely, as you can type it in, and walk away imo.
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Ever since I stopped being part of public chats, I have went from 10 or 15 requests at a time to now... Hmm None.

I do not join public chats at all. Ever. This is how they get your ID to send you that stuff.

But it does take time. But after I quit, the requests got fewer and fewer, and eventually stopped completely.

But I do participate in group chats sometimes, with people on my friends list, those are ok.

If you do a pub chat, don't be on it any longer than you have to. Even if you limit your time on it, you will minimize the chance of getting put on a new spam list.

Just FYI.

I do have 97 friends currently. Anyone that hits the 60 day offline mark get removed. The ones offline the most at the moment are under 40 days.. However most of the players on my list (around 60 of them) are fairly active (I consider anyone that logs in even once every 7 days active), and I usually have 15-25 people online each night. Crazy.
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I think that if you buy from them, they go away.

HAH! I kid. That'll probably make it worse.
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Another option, just have a option where you can simply click a button to decline all friend requests..
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One trial accounts shouldnt be able to send a request, then no one under level 10. That would get rid of most of them I think.
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report the bot friend requests
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10/20/2013 05:31 PMPosted by Istow
One trial accounts shouldnt be able to send a request, then no one under level 10. That would get rid of most of them I think.

Trial accounts can not send requests. Most of them are done via comprised accounts or accounts made with stolen credit cards.
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I agree, gets annoying. I just report them and move on.
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This would be called a "CAPTCHA" which is a randomly generated sequence of words and/or numbers
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