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Need tips & suggestions on DW + LoH/LS no SP

So I've always wanted to dual-wield, and recently felt the urge to want to stop relying on Shadow Power just for kicks.
I need some tips on gear changes to achieve dropping Shadow Power using LS and/or LoH on gears while dual wielding cuz this is new territory for me and I'm running out of gold to just buy stuff to experiment. MP level doesn't really matter to me, if I can't do high MP's then so be it.
Any recommendation on whether the Danetta set is a good starting point or should I keep my Calamity and use a Danetta's Revenge in the OH for the LoH? Or 2 rare 1h crossbows with LoH, socket and crit damage?
Or how about 2 rares with combined 5%+ LS? >_<
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PaT has a really nice spec but requires good LoH.


He tanks MP10 fairly easily. Reflect damage should be no problem as long as you are fighting within a large mob.

If you want to be more 'efficent' in your farming, you can try replacing chakram w/ preperation and use tactical advantage instead of custom engineering.

As for gear, blackthorns + 2 rings or amulet is good enough generally for LoH.
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I use this.. good explanation with video. Stressed on MP7 with low stats and weapon and survives extremely well.

I have not tried to max it out so there is tons of room to upgrade.

Note: this is more for the stutter step type game play.. shoot and move. You can take a few hits but you need to avoid the next few hits to regenerate health and survive. Unlike tanks DHs.

Good luck !
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BlackVenom build and gear will be cheaper, mostly like I will be using the same concept on gear for ROS. I already a craft amulet that gives me 800+ LoH, 300 Life Regen, 2k hp regen (including brooding) and high EHP.

There is a 1h LS xbow on AH for 500m, don't really remember the stats but quite decent and expensive!!!
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Thanks for the suggestions guys =)
I did take a look at both PaT and BlackVenom's specs, probably leaning slightly towards PaT's because I've built my DH to be fairly tanky thanks to crappy internet with just 2% damage reduction shy of what PaT has on his d3up profile.
PaT's 3% LS + 1.9k LoH seems to be a good number to aim for, but what about a pair of 1h LS crossbows that give 5~6% LS? Will that be sufficient against RD elites? Or will it be better to go for pure LoH or LoH + LS?

@Axeach: Damn, that's a good amulet. If only I can reroll my % life affix on my amulet to 800 LoH. Hehe.. I doubt I'll be able to afford that LS 1h crossbow though. My calamity is the most expensive item on my DH and that was 300m or less I can't really remember, which blew my gold stash :P I wouldn't say that I'm gearing for RoS. It's more of I'm feeling like I should stop relying on SP and see if I can play around with LoH since Sentry:CoT and Vault:ToC are good for LoH procs and they are pretty much core skills to my build (I switch between Tumble and ToC regularly depending on my mood).
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but what about a pair of 1h LS crossbows that give 5~6% LS?

Yes.. there ways to play around reflect without life regen.. one way is to smoke screen and then shoot. The other is to continue to shoot and wait for you health to go down and then pop smoke screen. With LoH / entangling shot or cinder arrow and smoke screen combo you will get full health back.

LS versus Reflect Elites can be mitigated by using low damage skills that tick or high AoE skills that will LS white mobs at the same time..

Note : most of these strategies for are non tanks and ranged DH players uses these tricks frequently. Check out Hardcore and see .. it's the real end game challenge. .
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@BlackVenom: Thanks for the tips. I'll buy a pair of rare LS 1h crossbows or LS+LoH 1h crossbows later and play around with them to see if it feels right :D
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but what about a pair of 1h LS crossbows that give 5~6% LS?

If you can maintain good eHP, and even DPS with a pair of 1h LS Crossbows, then yes.

Problem is, finding a good 1H LS Crossbow with high DPS probability. Either finding it, or purchasing it would be the problem.

Also, if you'll go for 1H LS Crossbows, you'll forego the possible 3xx/3xx Dex/Vit, 5% AIS, 10% Crit Chance and skill bonus.

Those stats can be taken however from other things.
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Yeah.. I do miss the 10k HP that I've lost from dropping DML, which is a fairly big chunk of eHP.
In terms of losing the 10% CC, I'm probably going to make it up from CC Mempo (3%), a better bracer (another 2%), and probably a unity ring (4.5%) for a total of 9.5% CC recovered.
IAS is not a big issue.. My DML only has 17% IAS anyway XD
Current plan is rare LoH/LS 1h Crossbow + Danetta's Revenge + Unity + maybe Blackthorne pants, until I can craft myself a decent DPS + LoH amulet. Then it's Danetta's set when I get that amulet, unless I come across a godly rare LoH/LS 1h Crossbow that blows Danettas out of the water.
Tried out a cheap pair of LS crossbows on low MP yesterday. Feels good to not have to rely on SP, but I had to watch out more for high mob DoT and burst attacks. I'd imagine LoH with the right skills will be more fun :D
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Yeah.. I do miss the 10k HP that I've lost from dropping DML, which is a fairly big chunk of eHP.

Prolly can make up the Vit from Blackthorne 2pc, but what is harder to compensate for is dps, esp if you aim to keep 24% ms. Decent LOH bows are very cheap - I bought 2 rares for less than a million each, but you lose the power of a standard non-LOH/LS bow, and even finding good ones in the latter category is hard.
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cluster grenade / spike trap build would work nicely with LOH
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Dual 1h with good damage, LS, LoH, CD and socket are so incredibly rare. I dual wielded some variation of those during my pre MP 30-80k DPS days. They absolutely let you drop Shadow Power and turn Smoke Screen: Choking Gas into a near instant heal if cast while on top of a mob.
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Update: Currently settled with what I have on my profile (1.9k LoH, 2.2% LS, 55k HP with 83.5% damage reduction). Sure my paper DPS took a bit hit (wasn't that high to begin with. 210k on paper with SoJ) and eHP as well, but having a blast to not have to rely on SP. Using CoT and ToC and lots of vaulting around to reposition and trigger LoH when needed makes it feel more like I'm actually playing a DH, a nimble, acrobatic DH that's how I picture a DH when I first picked up the game. Vaulting in and out of mobs, vanishing in a smoke leaving behind poisonous gas, dropping traps and making things go boom around me. Comparing this to sitting still>gloom trap bola trap bola gloom... or gloom>RF~~~~~~~~~.
I suppose now I'll have to figure out how to regain some DPS with my limited budget to climb back up MP levels once I'm comfortable with this play style :D
Many thanks to everyone who gave me tips and examples. It looks like my build will be modelled more closely after PaT's than anyone else's. :P
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