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my only problem is their hardcore mode is for babies. doesnt deserve the name. other than that im sure its a fine game, albeit dated.
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poe blows, and i have put at least 100 hours if not more in that game. for me i like to play rpgs solo selfound unless im plaing with friends, but in poe you cant keep running high lvl maps. not enough orbs drop or chisles and when you roll a tough hi lvl map you get nothing from it. So i was around 82 or so i would 1% exp from a lvl 66 map and around 4-5 on a high lvl map. Also the desync was just too much.
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PoE announcement: September 1, 2010

D3 announcement: June 28, 2008

Thanks for the correction Ringo... for some reason I had a D3 announcement date of early 2011 in mind (but that must have been for something else). I'm not beyond admitting my errors :)

My original point still stands though... POE's Brutus fight was developed and exposed to the public well before D3's Butcher fight.

POE Witch Trailer (Feb 2011) Brutus at 1.28m mark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a01JJZ2s9yM#t=82

D3 Closed Beta testing (started Sept 2011)... and then AFAIK it didn't include the Butcher fight (only up to the Skeleton King). AFAIK the Butcher fight wasn't seen until release in May 2012.

Sure POE has drawn inspiration from many games (electronic, board and card based) in much the same way Blizzard have their entire existence, but the Brutus v Butcher example is plain wrong.

Anyway... happy hunting all in whatever game you enjoy. :)
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10/16/2013 09:29 PMPosted by Palathas
I like both D3 and PoE. They are different enough for me that I don't get burnout. I've also just recently start to play Grim Dawn as well.

Ahh, I haven't tried Grim Dawn. I may do that.

I just gotta say... Every game gets boring without new content or changes with a given time. So, we try to find new ones to play.

In the end, nothing beats Diablo 3 when it comes to combat fluidity. Very smooth. 1 Thing that Blizz got sooooo right.

I cannot argue this. However, try a very high attack speed character in PoE (can get 9+ APS) and its pretty ridiculous in its own right. :P

I'm not going to lie, I still have hope for D3. I am not buying the expansion until after I hear some legitimate reviews from many players. I do want it to be good, though... Its just got SUCH a long row to hoe... there are some truely fundamental changes that I feel the game needs to address such as stats on items, limited builds, and legendaries not doing anything but increasing DPS....
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I don't like PoE's skill system. At all. I don't like that some stuff can only be used for maces and staves and not axes etc. I also hate that there's a restriction in that you need to first find the skill gem, and then you need to have the right socket.

furthermore, I don't like the idea that you cannot respect when leveling already is taking long enough. Having no respecs or long leveling is fine, but really having both is enough of a reason for me to not keep playing further because I know that I'm already messing up my character beyond repair.

It is fine to have this opinion.

I am of the opinion that the reasons you list are why PoE is hardcore and D3 is casual, though. Sometimes casual is good, but I personally get into a game much more if I have to think about what I am doing and plan ahead. Otherwise I'm just.... clicking a couple of buttons and staring cross-eyed at the screen for hours... I don't generally enjoy that (although sometimes it is acceptable)
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I recently started playing PoE, overall a nice game with tons of flaws though.

I dig the lore, art, graphics, the community, but !@#$%^- how awful is the passive skill tree and the whole gems mechanic.

Nontheless they did what Blizzard failed to do with D3: taking everything that made the online awesome in D2 and improved upon it

Still for their first game and with the little amount of pple working on it I say GG to GGG.

Now, if only Blizzard could get out of his lethargy and do the same thing with D3(not probable) or D4 (maybe).
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I played POE, after the new game fun wore off, I found a game with some of the same problems as D3. Horrible drop rates. Bad. So bad, there were many, many asking for a self-found league. Just like here on the D3 forums:


As for build diversity? Sure, you made 1 build first - what was it called, sporker? Basically, the only gear independent build. And a boring build to play. After you leveled your sporker, you could farm for currency/gear/skills gems and THEN you maybe start the class/build you wanted if you got the right gear/skill gems.

I jumped right into a maurader. looked up builds. For all that "diversity", I found most builds took all the same keystone passives, resolute technique, blood magic until you got the right gear to spec out of it, and iron reflexes until they nerfed it.

It's a great niche game for a select audience. And that's fine. But after playing POE, it made me appreciate D3 despite the flaws it had. So if there's one thing I liked about POE, it's that it made me realize I liked D3 better. Thanks POE.

lets see Verifyed builds : Lighting arrow, Rain of arrow, sporker, freezepulse, Trapped, summoner, endurence/power charge wander build, spec throw, muiltistrike, fire caster, ECT.
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Pretty much in full agreement with the OP.

PoE is a great game for the hardcore, veteran ARPG fan.
D3 is an ok game for the gamer who has never played an ARPG before.
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2Yr-Old Necro for giggles....

I didn't buy Reaper of Souls, so I will happily take the flaming for not doing that... I've heard its good... I've heard its bad... all this from friends who have played the game for many, many hours...

I have also read the Diablo III forums for literally YEARS since I have stopped playing simply because of my love for D2...

I have played PoE with some regularity since the last expansion (a few months ago)...

But wow.. just wow, I love the heart of this community. I really do appreciate the people that give a damn about this game, and I wish it could see the glory days that lasted for a decade or so in Diablo II...

Call it rose tinted goggles for D2... call me a fan-boy for PoE... but man, I just can't fathom how bad Blizz destroyed this franchise and how well GGG tackled the modern interpretation of this genre...

Sorry to have yet another negative post, but I keep looking for the good and it is never there...

I'd happily come back to the game if there was more diversity in build/gearing options.

GL to those of you that have stuck with it.


p.s. - for those that haven't tried the updated PoE... you might be in for a surprise... or days upon days of surprises...
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10/16/2013 08:52 PMPosted by Gewalt
I hated every aspect of PoE, but im happy you found something you enjoy.

To each their own, and at least you weren't a jerk about it.


I agree with the original post about Path of Exile. I love it also, just taking a break from it because I play way to much on games I like then end up not wanting to play for a while. I have way to much time on my hands. I have replied to two posts so far that were .... talking POE & trying to compare it to D3 which if you have played at least 100+ hours of POE you would know there is no comparison.

Path of Exile,

* Tons of Players compared to D3
* A much better skill tree so you can solo on pretty much any class
* You never run out of space for your items, gears, etc because you can make new accounts for mules or buy stash tabs which as far as I know has no limit
* There is a lot more content, gears, items, etc
* The game is completely free to play with no pay to win features
* Great/Fast Customer Service & Support
* A much better chat system which has a lot less farmer ads in it, and they didn't have to kill the global chat to make it better
* A lot more allowed characters on an account

The only thing I think they could better improve on it as someone stated on another post I replied to. I would love to see the graphics like D3 on POE, and the mechanics of POE on D3.

Both are good games, but seriously you can not compare the two because POE has a lot more to offer, it just lacks in graphics.

10/17/2013 07:19 AMPosted by Isolation
my only problem is their hardcore mode is for babies. doesnt deserve the name. other than that im sure its a fine game, albeit dated.

Also on note of this, POE use to have a much harder Hardcore but to many people cried about loosing everything when they died so they changed that. Unlike D3, POE wants to make its players happy. I honestly think that they should not have changed that on hardcore though, otherwise what is the point of hardcore if that challenge is no longer there.
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