Diablo® III

Wrath of the Berserker rework?

When you turn it on you look uglier than Azmodans Grandma, especially as the female Barb.
So creative people on battle.net and reddit how about a new appearance for us misshapen Barbarians?

Draw or if you cant, describe your Idea of a better looking Wrath. Maybe the look could change with the runes, like with other abilities...

I would really like us to show Blizzard that you can look badass and full of fury without being hideous.
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A mother!@#$ing Super Saiyan dude. It's awesome
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A mother(ofAzmodanlookaliketry)ing Super Saiyan dude.

Not really awesome I think.

And a pretty old and sick one when you look at that hair and the skin.
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fine as-is...
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Gotta confess that when I first usede the skill I was like "WTF! I became a super sayian, that's so dope!" but then, as any decent DnD player, I realized that the whole thing is really out of context.

1) The molten skin is just weird...if at least WotB granted the barbarian fire-related stuff, such as thorns, splash damage or even the effects from firewalkers. But, instead, the bonuses are almost all related to what an agile class would get from such an 'ultimate': movement speed, dodge, attack speed... (it's actually pretty funny when you consider that Monk's Epiphany will have a Fire rune like that: Engulf yourself in flames, burning enemies within 10 yards for 150% weapon damage as Fire and causing your attacks to assault enemies in front of you for 100% weapon damage as Fire.)

2) The whole hair is really weird...the beard and such. Male Berserker even sometimes remember me of the monkey king from naruto: http://images.wikia.com/powerlisting/images/9/97/Enma_monkey_king.jpg

I really enjoy that it's such a power boost but the skill as a whole doesn't really pass the idea of a berseker...it should really be an ability that allows the barbarian to sacrifice his defenses for an insane amount of offensive-power
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Maybe make the eyes glow red that leaves a trail behind when moving.

do away with the molten/cracked skin please, it doesn't make sense.

maybe reskin the larger sprite with better muscle definition, make his muscles look tauter, like so:

but definitely keep the hair, super saiyan for the win!
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