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Tips for a new barb

I am just starting to paragon level my WW barb. So far I can survive MP10 alright but I am looking for some tips. I have read online guides that talk about a 2.5 APS break point. How important is it to get IAS over dps? My current un buffed DPS is 139k with 5.4 LS. If someone could take a look at my gear/build and give me tips I would very much appreciate it. I currently only have 20mil in the bank so if there is a cheap upgrade I could grab that would be great. I would also love suggestions for more expensive pieces for when I happen to come into some gold.
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As for your LS you have enough so you don't need Bloodthirst as a passive, change it to Brawler.

You also have plenty of AS to hit your 2.5 BP. Use WWW.d3rawr.com and import your profile. Be sure you turn on all you skills and WotB and look under attributes at APS, that's how you know whether you're hitting your breakpoint.

Don't worry about DPS, look at the same site at your tDPS and tDPS against Elites. That's what you want to improve along with your EHP (health).

Looking at your character you have plenty of AR. 500+ is good, but you life is very low. In higher MP levels you want your life to be 50k+.

I would suggest you get another IK chest with 200+ life /120+ strength and change your gems to Rubies. Remember, conventional thinking is to get Vitality on armor, and fill all armor sockets with rubies (except the helm)

Your Vile Ward is nice, but I would craft Spaulders of Vitality. I would also craft some Gauntlet of Strength Gloves.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck.
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is there a fast way to import characters to that website ?
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10/17/2013 08:08 AMPosted by pheonixriser
is there a fast way to import characters to that website ?

just paste your battle tag..
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now it says that i'm at 2.3714 / 2.8724 bp... i though i was to 2.5/2.86. should i change my Ef for a .23 or .24 aps to raise it to 2.5/2.86 ? could it make a big différence ?
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Pheo, breakpoint are we talking about is during WoTB... not normal mode :)

during WoTB, you are 2.73/3.3
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what does WoTB mean sorry i don't understant those contraction... and thanks for all the tips it's appreciated...
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WoTB=Wrath of the Berserker. during this effect, our attack speed increased by 25%..

This is your build from d3up.com: http://d3up.com/b/1147382
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