Diablo® III

Experimental Disintegrate Build for Mp10

Edit: Just looked at the last video and see you dropped the FN and traded Astral for PH (recently did that myself) only difference between our builds is EB vs Slow Time in that last video and 2H vs 1H setup, I would imagine with the slower AS, AP burn would be less of a problem and APOC from one item would be enough?

Yea, 1 source of APoC + Power Hungry should be enough to fuel SS + Unleashed provided you also have enough dps to kill stuff in a timely fashion and you keep your IAS in check.

LS with a 2 hander would also be a big plus and allow you to get away with less Mitigation stats on gear.

For sure. The 2H also means that your pure weapon damage is really, really high, so things that don't benefit from IAS (like Storm Armor strikes, Reactive Armor procs, Explosive Blast, Arcane Destruction, etc) hit really freaking hard. With SoJ, Reactive Armor crits elites for like 600k or more with the gear I use for the build, and with 6% LS it heals me for a ton, which leads to even bigger survivability. Especially since Electrify, Fire Chains, Molten, and Mortar can proc it.
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@skelious Glad to hear you are having fun with it dude, malakai just taught me a thing or two in his last post about just how good a 2H could be with Storm Armor if I can get my mitigation high enough to run with it instead of EA with this build for MP10.

@Malakai Thank you for the info, certainly some nice information in there to consider and I have a lot of different gear pieces lying around that I mix and match to see what works best (not as godly as your stuff tho :D) Had a nice 5.9 LS Skorn that I sold a few weeks ago that I might be wishing now I didn't after reading about your 600k crits from Storm vs elites O.O
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I have been using disintegrate since I attained it with my 300 hour wiz I run disintigrate with frost nova and its a fun and easy build to run my numbered skills get used once every 4 Or four minutes when the buffs expire and I dont use pots....mind you this is with relatively dookie gear as I take MF over everything...look me up in game if youd like
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