Diablo® III

Did anyone buy this game for the promise of PVP?

D1 and D2 pvp are what I remember MOST about the Diablo series. A large part of me bought the game because of the pvp we were shown before launch.
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No matter how much you want to !@#$% this games pvp is still 10x better than pvp in diablo 2.

In diablo 2
-it wasnt organized at all, the game didnt keep score
-no level brackets to keep the level 90s from murdering other players
-you needed to have a dedicated pvp character, instead of just changing runes.
if you made a summoning necro you could not do pvp at all, you would have to make an entirly new necromancer just for the pvp
-entire builds could be completed countered just by wearing certain items, made yourself an ice amazon? i hope that bear doesnt have a ravenfrost ring because if he does he is just going to teleport ontop of you with enigma and stunlock you with his melee attack that has a 100% chance to stun for 2 seconds
-there were no teams, it was always a free for all
-if you died once and your opponent wants to camp your corpse you have to leave the game
-everyone had to agree to not use potions, there was no way to enfource the rule, and if you did use potions you could never die
-oppenents could map town portal to a hotkey and flee to safety unless you could 1 shot them. players tried to ban TP in pvp maps but there was no way to enforce this.

-You could do what you wanted
-Yeah, that's what was great about it. You had PVP characters that you fleshed out with items you found! Oh, and you CAN respec 3 times now.
-This was the beauty of D2. Items changed builds/odds drastically :)
-You could have up to 4 teams... you forget the party system? 8 players per game and 2 players per team/group.
-This could be annoying if you didn't know what you were doing, I suppose.
-Dueling was tough, oh so rewarding when you get that kill, especially in hardcore. LOOT!
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PS: 10K Elite kills. One character and class at level 60. Why don't you play the game? If you are bored with the little you have played of it, maybe this just isn't the game for you. Go get a copy of GRO.

The funny thing is that most people with 10k elite kills who are still on these forums are hardcore Diablo fans who got those 10k kills within the first few weeks and quickly realized how unrewarding it was to play.

Whats even more funny is the typical response.

Lulzulno, you 100k elite kills! Why you plays so much whe nyou no like game!

LAWLLAWLLAWL! Only 10k scrub here! Doesnt even know how to play the game, has no right sto complain!
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Bought the game on the basis of the name "Diablo". Been playing D1 and D2 throughout my childhood.
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I think every time someone asks about PVP all the devs have to take a drink.
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I go to WoW for my PvP. I was never inpressed with D2 pvp and expected nothing better in D3.
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If D3 had full blown pvp, It would be like reading the wow forums. Whining and complaining non stop
About how that class is op or that class sucks, Or not fair credit card warriors always win. Besides today's gamers take this stuff way too seriously, Which for me takes the fun out of it.
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They already told us what they have been doing. They have been looking for a PvP system that will properly fit the D3. Heck we might actually be getting PvP either pre RoS or post RoS.
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Funny, even now there are countless complainers about how bad Diablo 3 bare-bones PVP is. Yet as far as i have observed, none of these complainers even know how to do PVP builds to begin with.

Why are you expecting opposite results from your experience? You think you can win easily? ROFL, mechanics are different here as well as gearing. No longer are you fighting mindless monsters. Resources too are limited making you think and play smart. I like it.

Here you have to learn how to mitigate damage through skills, manual evasion, and timing. Diablo 3 brawling has been so much better than whatever Diablo 2 had by a mile and all classes have had a chance at winning more or less.

Take away that enigma, and all things broke in Diablo 2. Now that is over reliance on one mechanic which was teleport. Barbs could not even compete with whatever build you had without an enigma to blink across the screen.

If it has escaped your eyes. most if not all of the people who claim to be a diablo 2 pvp veteran sport a SORC. Why the hell does everyone sport a SORC? That there is pigeon holing.

PVP will come pre-RoS or post-RoS as mentioned by ShadowAegis above. Data-mining has already revealed achievement banners and icons in support of it. The question here however is, how many of you that complain are actually ready for it? :)


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All blizzard games have had some type o competitive pvp.

Why Diablo 3 has no trace of such aspects, is a travesty.

define competitive. Cause I think only starcraft holds that title, as in being recognized by most competitive leagues as being competitive pvp.
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Tell me how a meteor wiz has any chance against a haunt WD? What chance does a WW barb have against a WoL monk? There are builds that need to be sustained to operate and there are single-target skills that completely invalidate nearly all AoE skills.

Plus with the whole mainhand weapon damage thing it really mucks it up. Not to mention barbs start with no fury while wiz and WD regen constantly. Stuff like that. Its totally possible to build around this but its so brutish that its more of a pain to pvp than it is fun. Ultimately that is a problem don't you think?

How did hammerdins, javazons, meteor sorcs, blizzard sorcs, trap assassins, summoner necros, and CE necros fair in pvp? They didn't.

Not everything needs to be pvp viable.
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I bought this game for the promise of it being Diablo.
Boy, did I get screwed..

Ayup, report me to if you must. +1 to this comment.
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I don't see how Enigma "broke" D2. I think it was probably the greatest item in the game. It gave every character and build complete mobility (except werebear, werewolf). This technically in a way put every character on even ground.

Enigma did not break the game, since it was already broken from the start. What i am referring is its purpose as being the only item you and everyone else ever needed.

Without it, no barb and many other builds can even hope of competing against sorceress in multiplayer.

You had one item - Enigma. If you remove that from the formula what do you have?

Absolutely nothing.

Nostalgia goggles. It seems to work wonders making all viable builds hilariously centered around "one shotting" opponents. Some diversity that is.


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