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[Giveaway] Stash Items

Updated: Just added Items 11-13 - check them out and stake your claim if you want any.

Nothing too OP here, but there might be some items that may be of interest to some members of the monk community. To claim, just post a reply here, and state which item you want (give item number in your post to make things easier on me). First come first serve. I won't respond to in-game requests for items without first seeing your post in here. Thanks.

(6) Echoing Fury
938.5 DPS
450-872 Damage
1.42 APS
+164 min Damage
+302 Max Damage
+39% Damage
164 Dex
+0.22 APS
12.4% Chance of Fear

(7) Inna's Radiance
156 Dex
34 Vit
34 Phys Res
2.43 SR
5.5% CHC

(9) Inna's Radiance
152 Dex
73 Vit
56 LPS
1.68 SR
5.0% CHC

(10) Tzo Krin's Gaxe
82 Dex
82 Vit
46 Poison Res
6% IAS
7% Life

More to be added in the future. This is what I have for now.

Gear given away already:

(1) Inna's Radiance - Given to Jeu
(2) Natalya's Reflection - given to Thunderlordz
(3) Natalya's Reflection - given to Laurelynd
(4) Natalya's Reflection - given to LWC
(5) SoJ - given to Japel
(8) Fire Walkers - given to hyunkyl (?)
(11) Inna's Radiance - given to trollboii69
(12) Vile Ward - given to trollboii69
(13) Rare Axe - given to hyunkyl
Edited by Nameless#1537 on 10/23/2013 7:03 AM PDT
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Can I get the SoJ please?
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Very nice Inna's Radiance, should make someone happy !
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Very generous of you Nameless, kudos to you.
Hope your give away items go to good homes.

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that's some pretty good gear dude!

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I could use the Nats ring with the cold resist if you still have it =)

**Edit** Just noticed there was no CC on it, so I'll pass and hopefully someone else can use it! Thanks anyway!
Edited by kraig#1333 on 10/20/2013 12:40 PM PDT
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First radiance please!
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Nice items! Wish the first inna's radiance wasn't taken:(
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@mTeasdale - yes, I loved that helm... it served me well for a long time. And then someone passed me a better one so I decided to give my old one away to pass it along. Speaking of which...

@TrollBoii - yeah... already given away. sorry... :(

@Japel - put out a friends request - you have 24 hours to claim your item and then it's up for grabs
Edited by Nameless#1537 on 10/20/2013 2:18 PM PDT
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Ill surely pass my old helm along since this new one Nameless gave me probably isn't coming off for a while :D If trollboii wants it I think he can take it since he was next in line for the helm i got.

125 D
159 V
60 AR
6 CC

EDIT:Know I told you in game but thanks Nameless! lurking forums will slowly bring me out :D
Edited by Jeu#1884 on 10/20/2013 2:40 PM PDT
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I'm trying to help a RL friend gear out her newly minted Monk and I just passed on to her some old gears I had laying around my stash. Could I ask for the Cold res Nat ring, to give to her as well? We can buy her some cheap boots to go with it, so she won't have to stomp around in the godawful rares I used to wear before I went Nats.

Please disregard my request if the good old and slightly suspicious "I need this for a friend" doesn't sit well with you. (%
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@laurelynd... no problem. with this one, I don't need a reason. Simply posting and requesting is enough. I'll set that aside for you.
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Can i have the number 11 inna's radiance and number 12 vile ward please?
Sorry im asking for 2 im rlly poor and i have a bad monk
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any of 11 to 13 would be nice!
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@Trollboii69 - 11 & 12 is yours
@hyunkyl - 13 is yours

Please add me in-game and I'll pass these items to you. I'll be one at some point after 8:00pm EST tonight.
Edited by Nameless#1537 on 10/21/2013 5:41 AM PDT
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I have a rare axe I could throw in if anyone wants it to try out the Nirvana build

Poison Damage:170-449


6% Cold
1.82 Spirit Regen
29% Bonus to Elites
5% CHC to TR

Junk off mule DH

Nats Bloody Footprints
200 Dex
28 Light Res
73 All Res

Nats Reflection
17 Max
152 Dex
Edited by SBoD#1949 on 10/21/2013 6:56 AM PDT
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The problem is that I'm in AEST time and ur 8pm is my 10am. I can only get on after around 3:45 pm AEST which is around 1:45 am EST TIme. so will u be on at that time or can we arrange a time ?
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I can be on Wednesday / Thursday morning at around 9:30am EST, which is presumably somewhere close to midnight your time? How would that work for you?
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Probably not too good sorry. Maybe on a Saturday or Sunday would be good? Or maybe an afternoon AEST time weekdays, but that would be like 3am for u in EST time
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Aight. Some items given away.

Anyone else? I think I will likely salvage whatever isn't claimed on this list by the end of the week.
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