Diablo® III

Design a Gear Set for RoS

Here is my contribution of a 3-piece set designed for farming high MPs.

Wave of Souls

Critical Hits have a chance to grant you a Death Charge
Critical Hit Damage Increased by 25-50%
Attack Speed Increased by 5-10%
Each Hit Adds +333 to Life
+2 Random Magic Properties

Critical Hits have a chance to grant you a Death Charge
Critical Hit Chance Increased by 4-8%
Each Hit Adds +333 to Life
+50-100 Resistance to All Elements
+3 Random Magic Properties

Critical Hits have a chance to grant you a Death Charge
+100-200 Main Attribute
Increases Bonus Experience by 33%
33% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items
Each Hit Adds +333 to Life
Attack Speed Increased by 7%
+1 Random Magic Property

(1) Set:
    Critical Hits have a chance to release all Death Charges around you as Death Bolts and reduce your life by 2% of your current life per Death Bolt.

(2) Set:
    Each enemy hit by a Death Bolt is cursed. If you receive fatal damage from a cursed enemy, you heal to 45% of your maximum life and release a shockwave that knocks cursed enemies back and removes their curses.

(3) Set:
    Each cursed enemy hit by a Death Bolt has a chance to summon three enemy Souls. Each Soul has the same life and damage of the original enemy and cannot be cursed.
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I dont think they would allow for 3 pieces. I think the contest or whatever is for a single Legendary, not a set.
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LOL...each hit adds +333 life...

You should work for the Blizz design team!

The numbers are just for a demonstration of principle, but in any case note the loss of life that the set inflicts. The important point, however, are the set bonuses, the way they interact with each other and the potential of the set for farming. I would really like to see items engineered with this type of creativity in RoS.
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Well, I guess people ran out of ideas by now..
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