Diablo® III

should i craft the amulet or buy it

in one more lvl i will have enough MF to replace my barbs amulet and still be maxed.
should i craft it or should i buy one
i have 26m gold

it has 40 average damage
284 str
63 chd
9 % life
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im interested in which option would be better

crafting is random

the AH rarely has upgrades on it
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crafting is random

You said it yourself. Are you a gambler, or do you want a sure thing?
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are the chances of getting a upgrade high or low
like if i made 50 amulets would i gave a good chance (over 50%) of getting a big upgrade
or are the chances low

if the odds are in the favor of crafting (meaning it would likely be cheaper) then i would craft if not i might as well buy it
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save it, because when paragon 2.0 hits, youre gonna need mf gear again
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i guess crafting is out of the picture unless someone tells me its good
would still like to upgrade it some day
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Crafting is random. I spent over 500m crafting them before I got a trifecta. was so bumbed forever stil am about bracers. IMO buy what you need craft what you want.

Here is my trifecta funny enough im not even wearing it ATM in battlenet profile but a buy
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dam guess i might as well buy 500m could do a lot for me
some one who has 500m to risk has more luck then i have
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It actually might not be hard to out craft that ammy, 26mil isn't a lot to spend in todays market. Search the AH first, but continue trying to craft STR ammys
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Just keep at the crafting when you have the spare resources, gold/mats/DE's.
Sometimes you just get lucky, look at the amulet on my monk for example.

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I'm sure you could easily find an upgrade with 26m, so that'd be my option. If you have the spare gold and DE then maybe you could think of crafting an amulet, or other craft items.

10/20/2013 03:52 AMPosted by DarphG
Sometimes you just get lucky, look at the amulet on my monk for example.

I hate you :<
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a lot of good impute i will likely buy the amulet since a crafted one is not much better then what can be bought on the AH. i am not a gambler.

i will craft bracers since those look like they can be better
so far i made 14 bracers all bad, at least they are cheep
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i find it sad that mf is capped ;P

actually i find it sad that there are too many caps in this game... you could just decide to keep using mf instead of HAVING to find a more powerful amulet
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A 0CC and 0 Vit ammy should be relatively easy to beat, trying to replicate those stats, +CC or vit AND MF is going to be the difficult part. IMO go for str/vit/av dmg/cc/cd and forget the MF, getting plevels faster will outweigh being finicky over MF.

As for MF after paragon 2.0, I doubt anyone will still be playing barb. ;(
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if you craft it and dont like it, i would be more than happy to take ......30? off your hands ^_^
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