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Idea for Auction House

Leaving open the in-Game Gold Part of the Auction house will Benefit by
1: Keeping the Chat Channels clear of high amounts of users posting items for sale.
2: Keeps people close to the desired concept of 'farming' by making users be more attentive to gear drops.
~on the Negative side of leaving open the in-game Gold aspect of the Auction house
3: the users that already violate the Terms of Service and EULA Agreements will continue to do what they do and move to 3rd party sites; potentially lowering the amount of user violators and decrease the bandwidth load.....Which in the end turns out to be a benefit to the other users who would experience less lag.

Since there was no Suggestion box or link to submit ideas for Diablo3. I'm hoping that the logic of 'the Developers do scan the forums' was true; and that people might comment about my idea....Hopefully positively enough to gain the interest of the Diablo 3 Development team and change their minds over disabling the Auction House completely.
According to a clip that I believe was of 2 members of the Blizzard Diablo3 staff, They were saying that the Auction House took away from the concept behind the Diablo 3 Series. I only half agree with this; I believe that the Real Currency Side of the auction house is were he Auction House veered away from the Diablo series. It did give people a chance to make a little money on the side, but at the same time made it to easy for people with higher income to skip over the 'gearing process' and quickly get into end-game content. This in-turn would "sometimes" not always cause other users less fortunate to not be able to buy gear quickly to not have as much fun with the game.
The Basic idea is to only close the Real Currency side of the Auction house. Leave open the in-game Gold side; it still makes people go back into the game, following the storyline and 'farm' the gold to buy from a central hub Market. Also with leaving open the in-game gold part of the Auction House, it should 'in theory' keep the chat channels less cluttered with a high amount of people posting items for sale...

So, Keep the In-game AH Open darnit! spend a little to save on hardware later.
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I think with Loot 2.0 being what they claim it to be, it would make getting godly gear far to easy if you can just buy it from others. You have to realize, they are both taking out the AH AND fixing loot drops(hopefully)

So now, doing self found is actually viable as using the AH.
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I will agree that you cant make everyone happy, but with Diablo3 drop system starting out as everyone gets their own and then trades or Auctions the un wanted items. With the Game system not set up for the user to create his own 'trades' game, the Auction House made that like the Central Market in my mind. even if they did similar to World of Warcraft, or even as a few other online games have done and create a 'market' town, where users could post items like a sales board....theres untold changes, im sure...but to do away with the entire 'central sales hub~Auction House' idea would only cause the chats to flood with so many posts of people selling items it would be a huge increase in records...

Even if they did add extra socketables and such, 'Godly' items still would be on a drop-rate, so I don't know...I guess as users we'll just have to see what comes, and adapt; or complain and hope the unhappy can find their proof of purchace receipt fir' sum reefundz
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I am sorry to say that both AHs are not gonna be good for the game. If you do indeed keep the gold AH. Then in less than a month everyone will have all of the gear that they want for their characters. Then players would be complaining about the fact that they are not finding upgrades and that the gear on the AH would be way better than what you can find on your own.

Keeping it would also mean that the drop rates would have to be tuned with the AH in mind. Otherwise you would have the market flooded with GG BiS with near perfect rolls.

Loot 2.0 would be seen as a failure if the gold AH stayed. So it must be shut down with it's brother the RMAH.
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I have played POE, That game never had an Auction House. Now if i want to buy a piece of gear i have to wade through the trade channels. But there is a benefit, Because the sales are live i can negotiate the price with more than one seller. Live trade also makes it more difficult for flippers as the sellers will have an idea of what they want or will learn what an item is worth. It really dose not take much more time than wading through an Auction House looking at grossly inflated prices.
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The primary impetus behind removing the auction houses is risk, expense, and liabilities. Calling it otherwise is just spin and pandering, no different from the spin and pandering about what a great thing the auction houses were before the risk, expense, and liabilities made it a bad idea.
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SImple business would state that as the supply of finance increases, so will the cost of product. Keeping the in-game Auction house open will supply the game with a central market hub. There is the risk of People buying their gear....but that's going to happen no matter what Blizzard Does to Diablo3, The number of 3rd party websites that buy/sell gear for a plethora of games is even greater than the traffic of the D3 Auction House. All that shutting down the in-game system would do is increase the traffic of outside-source sales. Leaveing the In-game System open will level that somewhat by providing those that Abide by the ToS and EULA agreements to in a sense...Keep up to an extent with those who out-source their gear finding. Also, leaveing open some form of In-game Market for items to users by users will Make people loot more Whites and greys, Selling them instead of farming minions over and over and over. No system is without flaw and none shall appease all; but I still only see imminent hardware issues due to the shut-down of the in-game market. Overloading the Chat servers with countless sellers and even more 3rd party website-spammers...

In the end, it all will boil down to as users, we abide by the legal umbrella of the Corperation as we only 'rent' the game by the creators and can relinquish those rights by selling all original items that came with the game package...And....We as users will have to adapt to any new game-play that comes.

Weather the AH is disabled or reduced to a core base....whatever edit or shut down, there will be changes that we will have to change with if we continue to play this product.

Without a place for users to market their wares...they may as well upgrade the current system and disable Trade altogether and tell people "you can salvage your undesired items."
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