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Just swich to skorn, plz advice

hi, I just recently switch from
* dual wield to skorn
* IK belt to wiching hour
* non CC mempo to IK helm

So far I manage to gain 20k DPS and with WOTB my APS 1.83

so, what other things that i can upgrade?
what's the break points for skorn?

thx :)

edited: t budget 100 mill.
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1.83 is fine btw.

Would suggest getting 60k life at least or stuff like Chargers on FoM will kill you.

Also, how are you hitting 1.83?

>.> You look like you're lacking APS. (too lazy to run a calculator but its just off what I can see)
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Not sure how you came up with 1.83 aps (at least not with the current gear in your profile). The best breakpoint to hit would be 1.67 aps, which would require 42%ias, which you are currently short of. You could pick it up easily by switching one of your rings. Probably easiest to swap your unity for an ias version, since the rare has a big chunk of AR and other good stats. Or you could get a rare similar to the current one but with ias instead of cd of course. Also, I would get an IK chest with over 200 vit. 250+ preferably, even if you have to drop the strength a bit to do so.

This is from one of the guides from Eclipse if you're interested to know:

1.34 APS ——— 1 IAS Piece (9% IAS) ——— LS Skorn
1.43 APS ——— 2 IAS Pieces (18% IAS) ——— LS Skorn
1.67 APS ——— 3 IAS Pieces (27% IAS) ——— 11% IAS Skorn
1.67 APS ——— 4 IAS Pieces (34% IAS) ——— 6% IAS Skorn
1.67 APS ——— 5 IAS Pieces (42% - 43% IAS) ——— LS Skorn
1.82 APS ——— 5 IAS Pieces (40% IAS) ——— 11% IAS Skorn

For reference:
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oppsss its 1.61. i think it was 1.83 when i still using mempo... my bad.

So, get more IAS from ring and change to a better IK chest?

what else can i upgrade, try to reach 250k dps lol...
( I know 100mill is not enough but I'll set it for mid term goal :)

edit: ok, now im bidding IK chest with str150 and vit 205, and AR 75
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You can take a look some of my build as reference
Link: http://us.battle.net:80/d3/en/forum/topic/9753945984?page=1
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looks pretty solid now frankly; you should balance your CC vs. CD a bit (40+ CC and 400+ CD, IMHO). yer at 1.67 now I believe so don't miss that BP whatever you do :P
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