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No-gen Rend/WW w/ Rend SoJ?

After winning the bid on my Sunkeeper for pre-run NV stacks, I was wondering if acquiring a Rend Soj would also give a noticeable boost in Elite kill times over my cold/3% ww soj. Additionally, is the reduction in resource cost very noticeable? No-gen can be a pain when getting down to that last High HP gold boss! Even at 180k, I seem to do fairly well taking MP10 elites down. Have yet to try vota yet since A2 is still locked up lol.

Current gear equipped is for stacks only. Skorn, rare ring, and 8%IAS unity are thrown on afterwards.

Thoughts? Pro-tips?

Thanks in advance.

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I prefer crit to ww SoJ, and I'd probably just go for a higher crit to ww for an upgrade. Makes fury generation noticeably smoother. You generally shouldn't be casting rend unless you're topped off anyways.
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I don't think rend is a good choice as you aren't spamming it. WW or op makes a lot more sense.
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Sounds good. Thanks. Lurking the AH for that one perfect SoJ snipe was not an activity I was looking forward to :)
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Yeah, no fun at all. The higher-end ones sometimes don't even show up for days if you're picky about the affixes.
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I cant speak for skorn users but for dual wielder like us fury is no issue and you fight (spam) to get rid of it. REND soj makes it worse. I'd get a cheapy like mine frenzy or some other primary. if you're loaded get hota or WW.
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Actually a really good point Aimless. I've only run this DW elite killing set (Sunkeeper/EF, cold/ww soj, unity= 41% elite damage) a few times and seems incredibly smooth, rend soj might be to much trouble. No-gen with a skorn is pretty much impossible for me to drop them, specially once i'm out of fury and I've got no trash mobs to pull into the fray.

Disclaimer: I'm a skorn using nub. Even more nubly with no generator. I've been DW bash/ww since the beginning of time so this is a big change in my playstyle.
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