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Sarcasm doesn't help anyone new learn the game. This topic is useless to the community. Sorry.
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I can't speak on his behalf, but I can guess this. This is likely an indirect response to some of your forum members coming into monk forums and giving us "pro tips" on how to play the game. The most recent one is this one:


I think I can say on behalf of monks here that threads like that are a bit obnoxious and presumptuous and annoys some of us folks here.
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This was probably in response to WD's coming to the Monk
Forum trying to tell us how we should play. He was just responding in kind.

Edit: Damn Nameless beat me to the punch! Morning Nameless! :)
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I see. Well, it seems I was caught in the middle. Guess I'll just leave it at that. Thanks for the clarification.
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I'm also pretty sure it's just a joke. :)
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kulle topic yo
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Question, guy named Fitz comes into WD thread and posts this.

"To all CoB WD
Pro Tip:

In groups, stop standing in one place. You aren't doing any damage when our bells move the mobs away from you.


I've never used a Monk, now is he trolling the thread? I'm sure at this point we all know how useful a CoB WD is.

To me it's all about team effort. Best team ive rolled with is 2 WD, a Monk using cyclone, and barb. We just let the Monk lead in with cyclone and bats go in the center. Everything dies quite fast.

So my question is this, Why use bells in group if its all about speed. I'm assuming he doesn't represent the entire Monk thread but to me nothing is more anoying then a monk who spreads all the enemies out using bells and then also has an echoing fury equipped so he just fears mob packs away left and right. It slows everything down and isn't efficient at all (in groups).

However, never used a monk so I don't know but to me this guy seems like a terrible team player.

Fitz is a very good (and smart) guy, he was just trolling and venting off a little frustration...

he knows about the efficiency gains and losses of certain skills like bells, we (as a community) are just a little frustrated when other classes come in here to vent about some pub guy that they played with when all of us here already know better...

that's all, gg man and I hope that didn't lower your opinion of Fitz or the monk community

we're all extremely friendly, it just depends on how you approach us.

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Good ole Fitz has been fitzing the neighbors, it seems. (%

@OP: Nah, as everyone before me has already suggested - Fitz is alright and very knowledgeable. He's just not too fond of the odd "Don't eat yellow snow" post that we tend to see around these parts every now and again.

On that note - Monks and WDs have great synergies and work amazingly well together. Everyone who's been around for a while knows how to make this relationship work, there's no need to jump over the class forums fence and embarrass oneself with posts that serve no other purpose but to annoy the local residents.
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this is my new favorite thread!

and I now I officially love Fitz for doing that, lololol
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WD's just got Fitz'd
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I actually lol'd when I read this in the WD forums

Thx Fitz for the comedy man

- ur fellow CoB WD
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Did WDs all took a captain obvious pill last week?
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10/21/2013 08:46 AMPosted by Vomitslushie
Pro Tip:

try to befriend some real monk instead of pub monks =P
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I'm going to go do this to the DH forum and see what happens, maybe I'll act like a barb and use my sc2 account, who knows? :P
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10/21/2013 12:44 PMPosted by SirNick
I'm going to go do this to the DH forum and see what happens, maybe I'll act like a barb and use my sc2 account, who knows? :P

Great idea! Let's all go aggro the other class sub-forums, then kite them in here. With CF more or less away from the boards, the place could definitely do with some livening up, plus - who doesn't enjoy the fallout of assorted trolls gone on a rampage! Happy times await!
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Put on really terrible gear while you're at it.
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Oh man, when you're not on the receiving end of cross class posts they can be really funny.

Here are some of my favorites:

10/21/2013 07:45 AMPosted by REAPER666
Pro Tip:In groups, stop standing in one place. You aren't doing any damage when our bells move the mobs away from you.Thanks

This has to be one of the most ignorant posts I have seen in awhile.

Pro Tip:
Leave your jingle bells at home pal when running with a COB WD.

Bells are the most disruptive skill a Monk has in group play for all classes, Its as bad as having a EF without a CM wiz present in group.

You clearly don't understand the synergy between a CS monk and COB WD.

Why would you post something like this?

Damn it. I wish I knew how to play better!

10/21/2013 04:54 AMPosted by DrFish
No offence intended, but do you really think you are in any sort of position to be offering any Pro Tips? I'm definitely not saying your advice is bad, but the reality is that your monk is not dishing out any significant damage (at least they way any of them are currently equipped in your profile). I run with a monk friend quite a bit and we team up quite well actually. I'm not real familiar with monks, but I'm thinking he is definitely a higher end monk as far as damage goes. I'd probably be more inclined to listen to a dude that was dishing out a ton of damage........

Yeah I suck at doing dps. I wish I had some leet gearz.

Well, CoB damage is extreme:

Enlightened selfless tip:
"Nirvana" is a selfish state (focus is on oneself), more suited for solo instead of groups. In groups, the selfless Monk spams CS:SB (GL passive) + MoC:O + EP:FiW (+80% damage, pull mobs in, borrow the group's total DPS, and output 50% mobs' health to all the unfortunate mobs nearby). Only the truly enlightened selfless Monks are capable of wielding this advanced technique. The mediocre Monks will need more meditation and training.

Damn. I wish I knew how to do "extreme" damage. Thankfully he let me know how to play Nirvana in the future!

you are not pro. enough to offer any pro. tip here...to be honest.

My 2c tip to you:
sell all ur gear, get cheap stuff to get a pull monk like this:

you will be able to level much faster in group with WDs.

Aha! I was wondering what I was doing wrong.

My advice to the WDs was all in the spirit of cross class collaboration and bettering our knowledge of synergies and play styles. I hope it was as fruitful for you as it was for me.
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Even though my tip didn't seem to be well received, I truly hope some of you will benefit from the advice. Hopefully the next one will be more beneficial to those who didn't quite understand my last tip.

Pro Tip #2:

Concentrate on buffing the monk for maximum group efficiency. Using skills such as BBV is great for buffing monks. You can also use some crowd control skills such as Hex and Mass Confusion to make it easier for the monks to Bell mobs.
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