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10/21/2013 09:47 PMPosted by REAPER666
ugh. this kinda needs to stop... ^^


I dont think Axxegrinder orignal post was meant as a disrespect to the Monk community, at least I did'nt read it that way.

Lets end this please

good, now i can see that it ended in both forums..
I'm definitely going to leave pub party if I see there's a WD & Monk in it...lol
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"Question, guy named Fitz comes into WD thread and posts this.

"To all CoB WD
Pro Tip:

In groups, stop standing in one place. You aren't doing any damage when our bells move the mobs away from you.


I've never used a Monk, now is he trolling the thread? I'm sure at this point we all know how useful a CoB WD is.


Guy named vomitslushie comes into monk forums and posts this. Not sure if serious? That was the most obvious troll post i've seen in a while. O.o
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Da Witch Docta's, dey put dat bad voodoo on us bruduh. Dis ain't ova mon!
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Think I'm gonna quote myself

Hmmm....OP if you have issues with normal play, I hope you never run into someone running the set Tom made (or a similar one). :)

Seeing as this issue is still going on I think I'm going to build myself a set and jump into as many games that I can with WDs.

For those of you that don't want to click the link here is the gear set:

a minuscule amount of dps
5% lifesteall
500+ All Resists
5k Armor
60k Life
24% movement speed
Full optimized to move fast and not die!
blah blah blah

32.3% Chance to Fear
5.5% chance to knockback

For those of you that know me you know I never troll but this topic is ridiculous.
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You guys are mean.

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Salvage it
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fitzy your topic in the wd forum made it to the most popular topics@_@
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lol that topic was fun to read
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it never fail to be top post whenever i visit that forum...geezzz
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I must admit, I was trolled hard by Fitz. I try to be useful with my posts but it seems I was just caught in the middle of sarcasm.

I didn't realize other WDs were harassing the Monk forums so I took his posts as serious.

A monk is my favorite class to roll with when both are on the same page which is why the post bothered me so much. It bothered me enough to post a question in the Monk forums. "Was fitz serious?" and clearly the answer is no.
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oh noes its not bump
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Thread lives!!!!
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10/21/2013 10:00 PMPosted by KimSulki84
Kim of the North!
Not sure what happened to your "sold my 2 rings" thread, but i'm still looking to buy the "of the north" from you.. hmu
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On a side note both threads are now on the front forum page.

That is what they get for not making me green! I will these forums with pro tips until everyone is pro!

If they make me green, I will fill these forums with pro tips until everyone is pro!
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I getting real tired of this.

where is the link to download the D3 xpac?

I thought it was supposed to auto download...do I need to install a new client?

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It comes free when you get the LTK flaming kick, Inner sanctuary combo..:)
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Crusaders are going to be !@# ho les. I just know it.
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